Welding Protection

Welding Protection

The welder's right to protection

It is generally the employer's responsibility to provide necessary protective equipment available.

You only have two eyes

When welding and cutting there are developed, inter alia, harmful radiation, etc. These can cause damage to the respiratory, skin and eyes. Eye damage from sparks and slag, "arc eyes", headache, sore throat, fatigue and many more injuries can be protected against with proper welding protection and breathing apparatus.

    3M Speedglas ™ SL Welding Shield

    No. 35-H-701120

    304.20 EUR

    Black safety boots with Sympatex

    No. 14-93665

    146.64 EUR

    Øre & halsbeskytter til Speedglas

    No. 35-H-164005V54

    34.19 EUR

    Speedglas ™ 100 welding helmet DIN 10

    No. 35-H-751110

    131.56 EUR