Welding Gloves

Welding Gloves

Protect your hands from sparks and heat during welding with a pair of welding gloves. We have everything in gloves for welding, from 5 fingered gloves 3 fingered "mitts". By welding gloves apply:


EN 12477 Welding: This standard is based on a series of tests from a number of other standards. The standard specifies minimum requirements for the results of these tests, to be tested and approved for welding purposes in accordance with EN 12477th


The standards will be tested according to are: EN 388 mechanical impact, EN 407 heat and / or fire. EN 367 heat transmission, EN 702 contact heat and EN 348 splashes of molten metal. Welding gloves approved in two types. Type A and Type B. In most areas, more demanding requirements for Type A than for type B.


Our welding gloves are available in large and small sizes.

    Blue Skinnex Skindhandske med VARMEX V43 for

    No. 13TV43-175-10

    78.26 EUR/Pair