Welding Covers

Welding Covers

Weld cover in VARMEX 2000® with or without felt. VARMEX 2000® protect against embers and sparks, short term up to 2000 degrees C. The cover can be provided on individual targets on our own production department. Available as a blanket or bag, ready to pull over on for example a car door.

    Varmex dyret

    No. OPGAVE4

    0.00 EUR

    Svejsetæppe i VARMEX® 2000, 150X150 cm,

    No. 29V54/150X150

    132.21 EUR

    Svejsetæppe i VARMEX® 2000, 200X150 cm,

    No. 29V54/200X150

    176.28 EUR

    Svejsetæppe i VARMEX® 2000, 300X150 cm,

    No. 29V54/300X150

    264.42 EUR