Workwear Clothing

Workwear Clothing

Here you will find a wide range of workwear, so if you need to breathe new life to your clothing you've come to the right place.

We have pants, shorts, overalls, jackets, shirts, thermal wear, rainwear, aprons and everything else you can think of when it comes to working clothes. The attention to design, quality, protection and functionality, so you and your staff can work under optimum conditions and in all weathers safely.

Furthermore, you will also find disposable clothing in the form of clothing, aprons, shoe covers and sleeve covers.

    2-farvet arbejdsbukser, hvid/koksgrå

    No. 20H-1605

    38.87 EUR/Pc.

    2-farvet arbejdsbukser, koksgrå/sort

    No. 20H-1405

    48.56 EUR/Pc.

    2-farvet arbejdsjakke, hvid/koksgrå

    No. 20H-1602

    62.40 EUR/Pc.

    2-farvet arbejdsjakke, koksgrå/sort

    No. 20H-1402

    52.00 EUR/Pc.

    2-farvet arbejdsoverall, koksgrå/sort

    No. 20H-1404

    69.94 EUR/Pc.

    Ærmeovertræk i D-S FLEX, 38 cm

    No. 16FLEX-1249

    23.14 EUR/Pair

    Ærmeovertræk i D-S FLEX, 60 cm

    No. 16FLEX-1250

    50.44 EUR/Pair

    Arbejdsbukser, 100 bomuld, Marineblå

    No. 20H-325

    32.37 EUR/Pc.

    Beard Tie neck with elastic, blue

    No. 33-N-39B

    12.74 EUR/Bag 100 pcs

    blue termoheldragt

    No. 19-E-45-XXXL

    45.50 EUR/Pc.

    Bukser, Gul/sort fluorescerende

    No. 20H-2165

    44.46 EUR/Pc.