Shoe covers and protection

Shoe covers and protection

Here you will find our wide selection of shoe covers and boot covers. Made of disposable material such as PVC or PE, easy to put on. Used for protection of the environment against dirt, etc. from the footwear.

Furthermore, stronger washable shoecovers with or without security for visitors to businesses. In slippery or icy environments we can offer overshoes with spikes.

    Gamacher i neopren mod syre

    No. 16N-990

    58.24 EUR

    Gaiters from radiant heat, 45 cm

    No. 16V15-945

    116.74 EUR

    Gamacher i oksespalt, kort

    No. 16B-880

    34.58 EUR

    Gaiters from radiant heat, 28 cm

    No. 16V15-990

    68.12 EUR