Welding Clothing - Everything for welding

Welding Clothing - Everything for welding

Welding have great demands on your clothing and cladding, it is not just about security but also about comfort when welding. At D-S Safety A / S, we have the necessary and most comfortable clothing for use in welding.


Our Danish produced VARMEX Welding Clothing insulates and protects against metal drops, fire, embers, sparks and radiant heat.

It is comfortable to use, as the material is soft and flexible as well as antistatic and breathable.

Are made to facilitate the working day, by being a lightweight product. We have products all the way down to 300g.

No additives or coatings. Coming from natural materials and therefore perish in the nature.

    Øre & halsbeskytter til Speedglas

    No. 35-H-164005V54

    34.19 EUR

    Standard Svejsejakke i VARMEX® 2000 XXXL

    No. 16V54-7028-XXXL

    180.44 EUR