Thermo between clothing

Thermo between clothing

Thermo between the skins. Thermal vests, thermal jackets and thermal pants. Jacket and trousers fiber fur. Between Clothing in VARMEX®, highly insulating and fire-retardant material.

    Pants in VARMEX® Therm, S-XXL

    No. 16VB646-833

    109.46 EUR/Pc.

    Stifle heater in VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-955

    12.48 EUR/Pc.

    Pants in VARMEX® Jersey, S-XXL

    No. 29V420-833

    83.46 EUR/Pc.

    Pants in VARMEX® Jersey, XXXL

    No. 29V420-833-XXXL

    92.95 EUR/Pc.

    Pants in VARMEX® Therm, XXXXL

    No. 16VB646-833-XXXXL

    131.43 EUR/Pc.

    Pants in VARMEX® Therm, XXXL

    No. 16VB646-833-XXXL

    120.51 EUR/Pc.

    Termosokker i orange fiberpels

    No. 15-9028

    10.66 EUR8.84 EUR/Pair

    Fiberpelsjakke, Orange

    No. 15-9036

    41.34 EUR31.98 EUR/Pc.

    Fiber fur coat with Chinese collar, Orange

    No. 15-9046

    45.24 EUR36.14 EUR/Pc.

    Fiberpelsbusseronne, Orange

    No. 15-9037

    34.84 EUR23.40 EUR/Pc.

    Pants of fiber fur, orange

    No. 15-9033

    33.54 EUR23.40 EUR/Pair

    Thermal jacket in fleece, blue

    No. 19-105

    37.44 EUR/Pc.

    Jakke i fiberpels, blå

    No. 15-836

    43.68 EUR/Pc.

    Jacket in fake-fur collar, blue

    No. 19-H-846

    49.66 EUR/Pc.

    Thermal trousers, Blue

    No. 19-H-533

    30.42 EUR/Pc.

    Pants of fiber fur, green

    No. 15-8033

    33.54 EUR24.96 EUR/Pair

    Pants in VARMEX® Jersey, S-XXL

    No. 16V180-833

    80.86 EUR/Pc.

    Pants in VARMEX® Jersey, XXXL

    No. 16V180-833-XXXL

    89.05 EUR/Pc.