HT-748 3M reservedele og tilbehør

    Protective cap, HT-748

    No. 35-0603908P

    42.77 EUR / Pc.

    Strop-ophæng, HT-700-serien og HT-748

    No. 35-0603802P2

    73.97 EUR / Pack 4 pcs

    Straps for HT-700 and HT-748

    No. 35-0603205P

    37.05 EUR / Pc.

    Tindingstætning Pack of 5 pairs of HT700 and HT748 series

    No. 35-0604952P

    113.88 EUR / Pack 5 pairs

    Visor Frame with mounting parts for HT-748

    No. 35-0601006P

    65.52 EUR / Pc.

    Faceseal, HT-700, HT-748 and Airstream

    No. 35-0604514P

    27.95 EUR / Pc.