Special Sales - great deals

Special Sales - great deals

Make a great deal and buy a residual selling products at a reduced price. Subject to availability.

Note: Only while supplies last!

NB. Subject to changes in sizes of products, in this case size is sold out.

    Battery Charger for 3M Jupiter, old model

    No. 35-2001-JP/4H

    138.71 EUR78.00 EUR

    Battery Charger for 3M Jupiter, old model

    No. 35-2001-JP/8H

    138.71 EUR78.00 EUR

    White slipper slippers, with ventilation

    No. 14-504-H

    30.29 EUR16.25 EUR

    Ultra-light safety glasses, adjustable rods

    No. 32-U-5X6-030003

    13.26 EUR6.37 EUR

    White Comfeet sandal

    No. 14-956

    36.92 EUR13.00 EUR

    black windbreaker

    No. 19-E-235

    50.70 EUR32.50 EUR

    Sort lædersandal S1

    No. 14-93610

    89.70 EUR38.87 EUR

    PBH1 1-punkts faldsikringssele

    No. 23-C-PBH1

    62.27 EUR49.27 EUR

    Safety boots Alpha

    No. 14-178

    60.84 EUR26.00 EUR

    Kelvin white PVC rubber boot

    No. 14-1261

    18.07 EUR9.75 EUR

    Alifax safetyshoe

    No. 14-161

    91.26 EUR39.00 EUR

    safety Macelite

    No. 14-171

    68.77 EUR39.00 EUR

    Hvid Lorisafe ESD sikkerhedssko, EN 347

    No. 14-60911

    79.30 EUR51.87 EUR