Clothing (Workwear)

Clothing (Workwear)

Here you will find current deals on various clothing, and shoes for working conditions. Subject to availability.


Note: Only while supplies last!

    blue termoheldragt

    No. 19-E-45-XXXL

    46.93 EUR45.50 EUR

    Ribe thermosjacket Blue / Black

    No. 19-882

    85.02 EUR82.55 EUR

    Ranum thermosjacket Red / blue

    No. 19-982

    85.02 EUR82.55 EUR

    Reversible outer jacket, removable sleeves

    No. 19-450006

    69.94 EUR39.00 EUR

    Skjern, blå termojakke

    No. 19-860-XXXL

    66.69 EUR26.00 EUR

    black windbreaker

    No. 19-E-235

    50.70 EUR32.50 EUR


    No. 19-E-15

    11.83 EUR7.80 EUR

    Long thermosjacket with winterlining

    No. 19-E-28

    57.33 EUR32.50 EUR

    Green waterproof thermal trousers, FLEXOMAT

    No. 19-2411G

    43.94 EUR19.50 EUR

    Work shirt, 100 cotton, orange

    No. 20-2121

    18.59 EUR6.50 EUR

    Blue waterproof thermal trousers, FLEXOMAT

    No. 19-2411B-XXL

    43.94 EUR19.50 EUR

    Worker shirt, polyester / cotton, orange

    No. 20-2120

    18.59 EUR6.50 EUR

    Cobalt overall, polyester / cotton

    No. 20-1304

    27.04 EUR19.50 EUR

    Jobtex work jacket, 100 cotton

    No. 20-1322

    21.58 EUR16.25 EUR