VARMEX® non-flammable products

VARMEX® non-flammable products

VARMEX® is a fire resistant textile that protects against flames, embers, sparks and radiant heat. The ideal protection of people, machines and products. The same fibers which are later used today in particular Formula 1 racing cars, spaceshuttles, ski, etc.

VARMEX® fibers are internationally recognized and meets a wide range of European Standards (EN) as well as Boeing and Airbus standards.

VARMEX® is the basis for VARMEX® 2000 VARMEX® 2000 V54, VARMEX® ALU, VARMEX® THERM, VARMEX® JERSEY etc.

    Hætte i VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-870

    40.56 EUR

    Halsedise i VARMEX® Jersey V180

    No. 16V180-980

    20.54 EUR

    Jakke i VARMEX® Alu mod strålevarme, XXXL

    No. 16V15-7028-XXXL

    392.60 EUR

    Blue Skinnex dyret

    No. OPGAVE5

    0.00 EUR

    Turtlenecks Jersey in VARMEX® Jersey, XXXL

    No. 29V420-836-XXXL

    92.95 EUR

    Helmet covers in VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-930

    26.52 EUR

    Turtlenecks Jersey in VARMEX® Jersey, XXXXL

    No. 29V420-836-XXXXL

    99.71 EUR