Blue Skinnex® Leather

Blue Skinnex® Leather

Our products in leather. Welding clothing, jackets, leggings, aprons, neck protector, gloves and welding pad.

Material suitable for work situations where excessive wear and tear are to be expected.

    Blue Skinnex dyret

    No. OPGAVE5

    0.00 DKK/Pc.

    Svejsepude, Blue Skinnex

    No. 16B-40X40X10

    101.27 DKK/Pc.

    Forklæde i oksespalt, 65x100 cm

    No. 16B-1800

    73.97 DKK/Pc.

    Lange ærmer i oksespalt

    No. 16B-1250

    60.84 DKK/Pair

    Gamacher i oksespalt, kort

    No. 16B-880

    34.58 DKK/Pair