VARMEX® 2000 Welding Clothing

VARMEX® 2000 Welding Clothing

VARMEX® 2000 is a fire resistant textile that insulates against excessive heat, sparks and can withstand 2000 ° C. It has a lightweight, soft and supple while it does not reflect light and are also antistatic and breathable.
VARMEX® 2000 is ideal for welding clothing and hedging. Jackets, overalls, caps, coats, shin guard etc., And hedging rugs (are produced in customized sizes and dimensions as required).

  • Ideal for the protection of expensive and valuable products and sensitive equipment

  • Easy to handle and customize specific requirements for many applications and easy installation

  • Can not burn or be used to maintain a flame, even if exposed to molten metal

  • Easy and flexible material

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