Welding Hoods for helmets

Welding Hoods for helmets

VARMEX® 2000 WELDING hoods for helmets.

Specifically designed to fit with welding hoods.

Varmex® 2000 is a fire resistant textile that insulates against heat and can withstand 2000 ° C. briefly without causing structural changes in the material. Varmex 2000 has a low weight, while it is soft, flexible and breathable. These characteristics mean that Varmex® 2000 offer ideal protection for people and is perfectly suited for covering machines and products. Varmex® 2000 in particular for welding. Gloves, jackets, caps, sleeves, aprons, leggings, etc. produced in various sizes and types, adapted to individual needs in given working situations. For additional stressful work situations, fabric quilted together with Varmex® V39-filter whereby an even higher thermal insulation is achieved. Varmex® 2,000 accredited to EN 11611 Class I + II

    Maske i VARMEX® 2000 med svejsebriller

    No. 16V54-570-40

    82.16 EUR

    Hætte i VARMEX® 2000 med svejsebriller

    No. 16V54-560-40

    106.86 EUR

    Helmet covers in VARMEX® 2000

    No. 16V54-450

    67.86 EUR

    Protective cap for helmet

    No. 16V54-397

    42.38 EUR