VARMEX® Jersey flameretardant underwear

VARMEX® Jersey flameretardant underwear

By combining burnt fibers such as heat-treated wool this fabric gives you a very soft, light and flexible material which is suitable as a flame retardant under and between the casing of work situations with high temperatures.

VARMEX® Jersey is breathable, causing a high comfort.

Using VARMEX® Jersey, it takes more than six seconds with open flame impact before the user's pain threshold is reached (desire higher insulation, see VARMEX® Therm).

Sweaters, trousers and socks are especially timely as an extra barrier during flame retardant and heat-resistant outerwear such as fire suits, welding overalls and where there is periodic need for cold isolation.

All VARMEX® Jersey products are sewn with flat lock seams so that annoying seams are avoided.