VARMEX® Therm insulating middle layer clothing

VARMEX® Therm insulating middle layer clothing

VARMEX® Therm is a variant of VARMEX® Jersey. The difference is the more potent weave (360 g / m 2) and the raised back, which gives the well-known thermo effect. It primarily means improved comfort, heat and flame resistance, but simultaneously gives large thermal insulating effect.

• The only flame retardant thermal workwear of its kind on the market.

• Insulates against both heat and cold. Used as the intermediate or outerwear.

• It takes more than 9 seconds with an open flame impact before the user's pain threshold is reached.

• Minimizes risk and maximizes comfort, which is also a significant part of the security.

    Elbow heater in VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-950

    8.58 EUR/Pc.

    Helmet covers in VARMEX® Therm, long model

    No. 16VB646-935

    40.04 EUR/Pc.

    Helmet covers in VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-930

    25.74 EUR/Pc.

    Wrist Warmer in VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-970

    4.42 EUR/Pc.

    Pants in VARMEX® Therm, S-XXL

    No. 16VB646-833

    109.46 EUR/Pc.

    Hætte i VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-870

    40.56 EUR/Pc.

    Hjelmhue i VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-925

    20.54 EUR/Pc.

    Trøje i VARMEX® Therm med rund hals, S-XXL

    No. 16VB646-839

    109.46 EUR/Pc.

    Rullekravetrøje i VARMEX® Therm, S-XXL

    No. 16VB646-836

    109.46 EUR/Pc.

    Stifle heater in VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-955

    12.48 EUR/Pc.

    Turtlenecks Jersey in VARMEX® Therm, XXXL

    No. 16VB646-836-XXXL

    120.51 EUR/Pc.

    Pandebånd i VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-915

    7.28 EUR/Pc.

    Sweater in VARMEX® Therm with round neck, XXXXL

    No. 16VB646-839-XXXXL

    131.43 EUR/Pc.

    Lange sokker i VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-580

    36.14 EUR/Pair