VARMEX® Water Sorbents

VARMEX® Water Sorbents

VARMEX® Water Absorbent is an absorbent polymer. VARMEX®Water can be used as an absorbent for water or contaminated water. VARMEX® Water fiber sucks up to 50 times its weight. Because of the low weight VARMEX®Water pads are easy to transport and store.


At the ingress of water dripping valves, suction of water in tight spaces, etc., Can VARMEX® Water Absorbent easily and quickly be placed for suction or discharge of water. The absorbent is highly flexible and conformable, can be pressed into small openings, crevices, etc., wherever there is a risk of water penetration. DS Safety A / S offers a wide range of sizes and capacities in VARMEX® Water absorbents. We produce them ourselves on our own factory and producing like to order in desired sizes.

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, Ø 6.5 cm X 125

    No. 30-V-H2O-125X65

    7.80 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 36X30 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-36X30

    7.54 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 36x36 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-36X36

    8.84 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 36X18 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-36X18

    4.94 EUR3.90 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 12X12 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-12X12

    2.08 EUR

    Absorbent VARMEX®Water, 18 X 18 cm.

    No. 30-V-H2O-18X18

    3.64 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 62X36 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-62X36

    11.44 EUR