Drainage protection, sealing and booms

Drainage protection, sealing and booms

When an accident or leakage occurs, you must apply a sealing as soon as possible to stop the pollution source and contain the pollution, so this does not run into sewers, etc. For this purpose we at D-S Safety offers a number of tools called the emergency response to the drainage protection, sealing, barrier boom and cover guard, booms and socks for containment and repair kit for pipes, tanks etc. See the selection on this page.

    Polyurethane Drain Cover, 90x90 cm

    No. 25-PDC9090

    208.00 EUR

    Dækselafdækning i NPB

    No. 16D-600x600

    92.82 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, Ø 6.5 cm X 125

    No. 30-V-H2O-125X65

    7.80 EUR