Hygiene, Disinfection and Cleaning

Hygiene, Disinfection and Cleaning

Here you will find our goods and articles to hygiene and cleaning.

Everything in brushes, creams, lotions and skin care to disinfection, dispensers and brooms.


    No. 25-ME-953302

    36.40 EUR

    Auto Brush medlangt shaft 420 mm

    No. 21-V-522252

    5.59 EUR

    Broom, soft, 300 mm

    No. 21-V-3150

    7.80 EUR

    Broom, soft, 400 mm

    No. 21-V-3170-S

    24.18 EUR

    Broom, soft, 600 mm

    No. 21-V-3190-S

    43.16 EUR

    Broom, stiff, 400 mm

    No. 21-V-3177-S

    10.92 EUR

    Broom, stiff, 600 mm

    No. 21-V-3197-S

    31.72 EUR

    Brush lime, medium, 60 × 200 mm

    No. 21-V-3249

    4.29 EUR

    Brush ring, 15 mm

    No. 21-V-1545-15

    3.38 EUR

    Brush ring, 20 mm

    No. 21-V-1545-20

    3.77 EUR1.95 EUR

    Brush ring, 40 mm

    No. 21-V-1545-40

    6.11 EUR2.99 EUR

    Desinfector, 70 gel, 120 mL

    No. 21-P-3728

    4.55 EUR