Brushes. Nail Brushes, wiping brushes, auto brushes, washing brush, radiator brush, etc. 

Large selection at low prices for the industry.

    Auto Brush medlangt shaft 420 mm

    No. 21-V-522252

    5.59 EUR

    Brush lime, medium, 60 × 200 mm

    No. 21-V-3249

    4.29 EUR

    Dishwashing brush, 225 mm

    No. 21-V-4290

    2.14 EUR

    Nail brush with handle

    No. 21-V-6432

    3.51 EUR

    Opvaskebørste, 285 mm, smal

    No. 21-V-4280

    2.86 EUR

    Radiatorbørste, 700 mm

    No. 21-V-631216

    4.97 EUR

    Short shaft hand brush

    No. 21-V-4189

    8.06 EUR

    Toilet brush, 380 mm

    No. 21-V-5045

    3.77 EUR

    Utility Brush, 270 mm

    No. 21-V-3012

    4.42 EUR

    Utility Brush, 270 mm

    No. 21-V-3040

    2.99 EUR

    Utility Brush, medium, 265 mm

    No. 21-V-3087

    3.51 EUR

    Washing brush, soft, 260 mm

    No. 21-V-5229

    3.51 EUR