Absorbents for chemicals

Absorbents for chemicals

Absorbents against chemicals

PP absorbents for chemicals and maintenance. PP stands for polypropylene absorbents.


Absorbents for chemicals consist of synthetic fibers, mainly polypropylene. They are available in a variety of formats that are light in weight and are non-dusting.


    No. 35-A-P300

    210.08 EUR

    Kemikalieabsorbent, multiformat

    No. 35-A-PF2001

    279.63 EUR

    Leakage sorbent, 100 sheets, MA2002

    No. 35-A-MA2002

    141.31 EUR

    Leakage sorbent, multiformat

    No. 35-A-MF2001

    190.97 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 36X30 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-36X30

    7.54 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, Ø 6.5 cm X 125

    No. 30-V-H2O-125X65

    7.80 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 36x36 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-36X36

    8.84 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 36X18 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-36X18

    4.94 EUR3.90 EUR

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 12X12 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-12X12

    2.08 EUR