Absorbents for waste water, pillows and mats

Absorbents for waste water, pillows and mats

Absorbers for waste water are suitable for leakage, water, refrigerants, solvents and where water may occur. Extreme absorption capacities. PP absorbents for water and maintenance. PP stands for polypropylene absorbents. There are various shapes:

• rolls, emergency kit, mats, hoses, pillows

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 36X30 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-36X30

    7.54 EUR/Pc.

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 36x36 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-36X36

    8.84 EUR/Pc.

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 36X18 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-36X18

    4.94 EUR3.90 EUR/Pc.

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 12X12 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-12X12

    2.08 EUR/Pc.

    Absorbent VARMEX®Water, 18 X 18 cm.

    No. 30-V-H2O-18X18

    3.64 EUR/Pc.

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, 62X36 cm

    No. 30-V-H2O-62X36

    11.44 EUR/Pc.

    VARMEX® Water Absorbent, Ø 6.5 cm X 125

    No. 30-V-H2O-125X65

    7.80 EUR/Pc.