Zero 31, P3 filtermaske til beskyttelse mod luftbårne  nano partikler filtrerer 99,92 %  masken kan genanvendes  ZERO 31

Zero 31, P3 filtermaske til beskyttelse mod luftbårne nano partikler filtrerer 99,92 % masken kan genanvendes ZERO 31

Reference: 28-BL-ZERO-31

Meet the BLS Zero series. The first filter mask for protection against airborne nanoparticles. The ultimate mask filtering better than P3 masks, while providing unmatched comfort and lower respiration resistance than P1 masks.

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for product no: 28-BL-ZERO-31

46182001 Masker og tilbehør v. 19.0501
Åndedrætsværn type
50 × GV


Future of respirator - a revolution in filter masks

Filter masks have for many years been relatively neglected in terms of technological development, why users protection for many years has not improved. But now we can present the result of years of research and product development that will revolutionize filter mask as we know it today.

BLS has developed Zero series, the first mask of his class. A predecessor of a future where we can expect tougher requirements for protection against airborne nanoparticles.

0 (Zero) means:

  • 0 dust
  • 0 stains
  • 0 deterioration
  • 0 concerns
  • 0 sweat
  • 0 discomfort

Zero Series BLS compare

Higher protection than P3

This unique mask does not live just up to EU standards prescribed but surpasses them too large in the mask's filtering ability.

Zero series offers the absolute best filtration (99.92%), much higher than EU standards prescribed (99.00%).

just look at the extended figures highlighting how the Zero series is technologically superior and ahead of its time compared to EU standards prescribed.

Lower breathing resistance than P1

An innovative valve provides the user with a superior breathability light which would otherwise only be seen by P1 filter masks. So with Zero series you will not go down on comfort when choosing increased security.

The lighter breathability thereby causing lower temperatures and sweating underneath the mask. Just look artwork with thermal camera below.

Zero series thermal compare


  • The design of technical textiles.
  • allows the skin to breathe.
  • mask fit tested and designed to provide the best fit - regardless of the user's face shape. BLS Zero fit jämfört
  • thermoformed structure which means the mask retains its shape - even after prolonged use.
  • Filtering material approved for full protection against harmful nanoparticles.
  • A protective micro-grids which protects against stains, dust and wear. Dust does not stick to the mask and removed easily.
  • No metallic parts exposed.
  • Ultrasonic fused.


  • Næseclipsen is redesigned in the new material that makes it easier than ever to customize the fit for proper fit.
  • Næseclipsen keep its shape - even after prolonged use. For better comfort and safety.

The valve: BLS Zero olo Technology

  • The membrane is attached to the three points.
  • Exhalation takes place directly through the two openings to facilitate breathability.

BLS Zero valve 1BLS Zero valve 2

Article: 28-BL-zero- 31
UNSPSC: 46182000

EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009

All the material in the mask is hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals.

Category: III

Maintenance-free paper mask against harmful dust and non-toxic liquid pairs particles for example. asbestos, nickel, lead and chromium. Good within the pharmaceutical industry.

The mask does not protect against oxygen deficiency (less than 19.5% oxygen) and must therefore only be used in areas with good ventilation, and wherein there is sufficient oxygen.

Packing: Package a 5 paragraph (pakkelt individually)
type: FFP3D NR (R = Re-usable/for re-use) (D = the filter has been tested by the filter satiety test (Dolomite), resulting in lower breathing resistance and longer life)

Nominal protection factor: 50 × GV.

(GV = Maximum permissible average of the concentration of an 8-hour day.)



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