Microflex® Grøn engangshandske i nitril, AQL 0.40 længde 240 mm tykkelse  0,12mm  Microflex® 93-850

Microflex® Grøn engangshandske i nitril, AQL 0.40 længde 240 mm tykkelse 0,12mm Microflex® 93-850


Disse slidstærke engangshandsker er velegnet til hårde opgaver mens de kraftigt reducerer brugernes risiko for kontakt med farlige væsker og stoffer. Fremstillet af en innovativ polymer bindene teknik som gør at Microflex 93-850 giver 2x så høj beskyttelse mod kemikaliestænk som almene engangshandsker. Microflex 93-850 sætter nye standarder for kemikaliebarriere og pålidelighed med en lav AQL værdi på 0,40

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for product no: 12-93-850

Fødevare godkendtFødevare godkendt
EN 421:2010EN 421:2010
EN 420:2003+A1:2009EN 420:2003+A1:2009
EN ISO 374-1/Type BEN ISO 374-1/Type B
46181541 Kemikalieresistente handsker v. 19.0501
AQL value
240 mm240 mm
0,12 mm


The ultimate in disposable gloves

Ansell introduces a new, innovative disposable glove with the highest level of protection against harmful chemicals and substances to date. The best chemical chemical protection on the market, comfort and durability, all combined in one glove: Microflex 93-850.

2X so protective against chemical splashes

Workers around the world come in daily contact with oils, cleaning agents, paints and other types of chemicals containing chemicals. While ordinary disposable gloves can provide some degree of protection, it is far from all disposable gloves that provide the same level of protection. This new Microflex 93-850 glove provides 2x better chemical splash protection against a wide range of chemicals, compared to leading disposable gloves. This is extremely important as even small chemical sprays can cause skin irritations and serious health risks for employees over time.

Below you can see a short selection of breakthrough times for Microflex 93-850 compared to nitrile disposable gloves of the same weight.

Highest barrier quality and consistency

The quality and consistency of the material used to make disposable gloves is measured with Accetable Quality Levels also known as AQL. When used as a reference for disposable gloves, AQL expresses the number of pinhole defects in a glove production. A low AQL value therefore means that users of the glove are less likely to find a glove with pinhole defect.

The new microflex 93-850 sets new standards for the reliability of disposable gloves with the lowest AQL value of just 0.40. This means remarkably fewer pinhole defects per production compared to the majority of nitrile disposable gloves on the market, thus reducing the risk of breakage and corrosion of the glove that could otherwise lead to harmful exposure.

  • The ultimate barrier that significantly reduces the risk of harmful exposure and breakdown

  • 2 times better protection against chemical splashes than leading brands due to the groundbreaking technique in polymer adhesion

  • Exceeds all known standards of barrier and uniformity (low 0.40 AQL)

  • Made with the use of the TNT ™ technology known from the Ansell bestsellers TouchNTuff 92-600 and 92-670.

  • TNT ™ technology provides resistance to chemical splashes and provides soft and durable protection against a wide range of chemicals

  • Suitable as an upgrade from Dermatril 11-740 and 11-741.

  • Formula without silicone for product protection

  • Smooth surface with structured fingertips

  • Rolled cuff edge

  • Powder-free

  • Latex-free

  • Green

  • Suitable for: Automotive, chemical, electronics, food processing and service, machine industry, maintenance and recycling, and handling of cryo tubes, microtubes, pipettes and test tubes in laboratories,



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