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For further transparency we have described our policy in accordance to the new GDPR regulations in this article.

1. The use of website

a. The following sales and delivery conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "terms") apply to the sale and / or delivery of any service / product (hereinafter referred to as "the product" or "the service") from H. Dræberg Specialfabrik A / S, ( hereinafter referred to by the nickname DS Sikkerhedsudstyr A / S) for traders, organizations, as well as private individuals and authorities in Denmark (hereinafter referred to as “the customer”).

b. The terms apply unless otherwise expressly and in writing agreed between the customer and H. Dræberg Specialfabrik A / S (middle name D-S Safety A/S ), and regardless of whether the agreement has been entered into via e-shop, e-mail, telephone, one of our consultants or otherwise.

c. It is a prerequisite for the customer's purchase that these terms are accepted and the customer is encouraged to read the terms thoroughly.

2. Information, contractual information, etc.

a. Any product information as well as any information about technical data and functionality (eg category, use, approval, etc.) is for guidance only. The customer has the full responsibility for selecting the product / service, including that the product / service can function in the customer's intended operating environment.

b. The customer's submission of an order presupposes the establishment as a customer in D-S Safety A/S  'customer register. D-S Safety A/S  reserves the right to be approved as a customer of D-S Safety A/S.

c. When placing an item order via D-S Safety A/S  'website, the system will automatically generate an acknowledgment of receipt which is sent via e-mail. This automatic response (via email) is NOT a binding order confirmation, whereby an agreement has been entered into. This is only an electronic receipt for receipt of the order and D-S Safety A/S is free to cancel the order.

d. The customer is encouraged to print the order confirmation immediately after receipt, as this may be relevant in connection with return or complaint.

e. Invoice is sent in connection with sending the item / service.

3. Ordering products

a. Items can be ordered via our website: By phone on tel. 55 44 66 44 within our opening hours: Monday-Thursday 7.00 - 16.30 and Friday 7.00 - 15.00, or via e-mail at

b. If you need further assistance, advice and guidance, you can also get in touch with one of our many driving consultants in Denmark. Call the main number (55 44 66 44) and we will help you further.

4. Delivery and delivery time

a. Delivery takes place to all addresses in Denmark, as well as Greenland and the Faroe Islands. D-S Safety A/S  also delivers to overseas and foreign recipient addresses. Call and hear more on 55 44 66 44.

b. Delivery takes place from D-S Safety A/S  'main warehouse in Næstved, Denmark or Malmö, Sweden.

c. The delivery time depends on the size of the order, the nature and what has otherwise been agreed between the customer and D-S Safety A/S . The delivery time as stated by D-S Safety A/S  is approximate and thus non-binding for D-S Safety A/S , unless a fixed delivery time has been expressly agreed for the entire order or parts thereof.

i. As a starting point, D-S Safety A/S  sends stock items on the same day if the order is placed before kl. 14.00 Monday-Thursday and Friday before noon. 12.00 (which is delivered on Monday).

ii. Ordered items are generally sent together.

d. D-S Safety A/S  reserves the right to postpone delivery. If the delay is due to circumstances that can be described as force majeure, the delivery time is extended for as long as the obstacle persists.

e. If delivery cannot be completed due to the customer's circumstances, the item is at the customer's expense and risk. D-S Safety A/S is on this occasion entitled to charge warehouse rent, costs, etc.

f. In the event of a delay, the customer can only terminate the agreement and only if the delay exceeds 3 weeks. In that case, the customer is only entitled to a refund of already paid remuneration, and the customer can thus not assert other      default rights in connection with the delay that has occurred.

g. If the agreement with the customer includes several goods / services, and there are delays or defects in part of the delivery, the customer is nevertheless obliged to pay for the goods / services delivered on time and / or without defects. If the customer has the right to terminate the agreement under these terms, this revocation access only applies to the delayed or defective part of the delivery.

h. When you shop at, you have several different options for delivery. We also have something to suit your needs. You can choose between delivery with PostNord for business, PostNord Pakkeshops and you pick up your package from us.

Whichever delivery method you choose, you have the option of track and trace information (ie tracking your package).

PostNord has parcel shops throughout the country, and they are located in virtually all Danish cities. Most cities have at least one, and the big cities have many of these. Therefore, you have the opportunity to pick up your packages where it is convenient for you and when it suits you. You will receive an email when the package is ready for collection in the selected parcel shop.

Pick up from us D-S Safety A/S :
Denmark: Menstrupvænge 10, 4700 Næstved
Sweden: Fårögatan 6, 211 24 Malmö

Get security by choosing the right item. If you choose Pick-up at DS, your package will not be sent and we will await your pick-up. You save shipping.

The package can be picked up the same weekday as you receive your email with confirmation of order. If not in stock, we will contact you about when the package can be picked up.

5. Prices

a. All prices are excl. fees and handling costs, etc. 

All prices on the website are in Danish kroner (DKK) and the customer is free to choose whether they want to see the prices including VAT or exclusive of VAT.  

Reservations are made for price changes that may occur right up to delivery - including the suppliers' price increases. 

b. D-S Safety A/S  reserves the right to make typing errors, price errors, VAT and tax changes, sold-out / discontinued goods and delivery failures from our suppliers.

6. Handling Costs

a. D-S Safety A/S  uses, unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation, PostNord for delivery in Denmark. The handling costs are calculated in accordance with the terms in force atat any given time PostNord and indirect handling costs.

b. There is shipping on all orders. Costs for shipping depend on the weight and volume of the order, and will be automatically calculated as the product is added to the shopping cart at

c. Business customer: The total amount for shipping is imposed on the final invoice.

e. For larger items that require a pallet, call and hear more on tel .: 55 44 66 44.

7. Payment Terms

a. Payment for ordered items (for business customers) can be made by bank transfer to Danske Bank with account no .: 3511 3511114950.

b. If the buyer is already a business customer / authority or other organization, the invoice is sent either as a PDF or digital via EAN / GLN no. The purchase price is due for payment, unless otherwise agreed in writing, 30 days net from the invoice date.

c. Payment can be made with the following payment cards (both as a business customer and private customer): Dankort, VISA / Dankort, VISA, Eurocard / MasterCard and Visa Elektron. We currently charge no card fee on the website. D-S Safety A/S  uses a payment gateway that guarantees that all card data is sent encrypted and all submitted card information is secured. When paying with Dankort and Visa / Dankort, payment will be withdrawn when the item has been sent from our warehouse.

d. Amount reservations for purchases with payment cards and MobilePay

When you approve a purchase and use payment cards or MobilePay as a means of payment, we reserve the amount on your chosen payment card. We only deduct the money when the goods are sent to your chosen delivery address.

We make the reservation to make sure that the card is not blocked and there is coverage on the card. When the amount is deducted from the card, the reservation is automatically canceled. The maximum duration of a reservation depends on the type of card that you can get from the card issuer, e.g. your bank.

Because a reservation has a maximum duration, the reservation may expire. If the item is not shipped before the expiration of a reservation, we will make a new reservation and the original reservation will be canceled by the card issuer.

If you subsequently change your order, you will receive a new order number and a new reservation will be made.

If you find that a reservation has not been canceled, please contact your card issuer, as only your card issuer can cancel the reservation. We also refer to the terms of your payment card, which you have been given by the card issuer.

e. D-S Safety A/S  agrees, after individual assessment of the customer's creditworthiness, to deliver goods / services on credit (only for business customers). If you are not a registered customer with us, you are welcome to contact us.

f. The customer may not make a set-off in the purchase price for claims arising from other legal matters, and the customer may not exercise a right of retention or refuse payment due to delay, complaint or counterclaim regarding the specific delivery.

g. The amount debited will appear in your account.

h. If you later wish to cancel the order, it is necessary to contact D-S Safety A/S  by e-mail to get the amount refunded, as this can not be done automatically. The email must include the registration number and account number to which we must return the money.

8. Late payment

a. In case of late payment, interest is automatically calculated at 2% per. commenced month from the due date and a reminder fee of DKK 100 per. When the purchase price is paid after the claim has been through judicial debt collection, the buyer must bear all debt collection costs. However, D-S Safety A/S  sends out a maximum of three reminder letters before the claim is taken for debt collection.

9. Retention of title

a. D-S Safety A/S  reserves the right of ownership of the item, as long as full payment has not been received for the ordered item.

b. Until the ownership has been transferred to the customer, the goods sold must be stored and maintained properly. Damage to the goods sold must be compensated by the customer in addition to what the usual wear and tear entails. The customer undertakes not, without D-S Safety A/S  'written consent, to dispose of the goods sold in a way that may impair D-S Safety A/S ' security in the goods, including but not limited to mortgaging, letting or lending the goods.

10. Refunds

a. The customer has a right of return up to 14 days after delivery at the address provided by the customer. The item must be returned in original and unbroken packaging.

b. Orders for procured goods may not be canceled or returned unless the product is materially defective.

c. Returns of goods that are defective or defective, including in connection with repairs or replacement, take place according to the following procedure:

i. Contact our customer service on tel. 55 44 66 44 or with indication of customer name, customer number, order number and item number of the item you want to return.

d. We will process your case immediately and give you an answer to your return case immediately.

e. You will receive information on how to return the returned goods.

f. In cases where a return is to be made to D-S Safety A/S , the return address is:

D-S Safety A/S 
Menstrupvænge 10
4700 Næstved
ATT .: Return

g. The customer is entitled to a return corresponding to the price paid by the customer for the item when D-S Safety A/S has approved the returned item. Handling costs, fees, etc. will not be returned.

11. Complaints and defects

a. The customer is obliged to immediately and no later than the day after receipt of a delivery to carry out an inspection of the product / service and to examine this for any defects. In the event of transport-damaged delivery, this must be rejected or received with reservations by noting it on the terminal / consignment note. Transport damage is external visible damage to the packaging.

b. D-S Safety A/S  is only liable for original errors and omissions. If the customer finds faults and defects, the customer must immediately complain to D-S Safety A/S  with a specification of the defect that is being claimed. If no complaint is made in time, the right to claim defects has lapsed.

c. The complaint period is in any case limited to 24 months from delivery. After the complaint expiry of the period, the customer can thus not claim the defect.

d. D-S Safety A/S 'liability for errors and omissions is always limited to, at D-S Safety A/' choice, to make remediation or replacement within a reasonable time.

e. No guarantee is given by D-S Safety A/S , unless otherwise expressly and in writing agreed. Warranty and service obligations are not the responsibility of D-S Safety A/S , but the manufacturer in question and its possible service provider, or D-S Safety A/S in the case of own production.

In-house production is products produced by D-S Safety A/S  at its own factory located at the address:

Menstrupvænge 10
4700 Næstved

12. Liability and liability limitations

a. D-S Safety A/S is not liable for damages in case of delay or defects in the product / service. D-S Safety A/S thus disclaims any liability for consequential losses and / or indirect losses, including operating losses, profit losses, lost earnings or other indirect losses.

b. D-S Safety A/S 'product liability is limited to the liability that follows from the Product Liability Act, and D-S Safety A/S thus disclaims any liability for product damage on other grounds. The customer is obliged to notify D-S Safety A/S in writing without undue delay if a product liability damage has occurred or that there is a risk that such damage will occur.

13. Personal Information

a. D-S Safety A/S 'processing of personal data takes place in compliance with the Personal Data Act. The customer can contact D-S Safety A/S if information is required about which data is processed and stored by D-S Safety A/S or if the information is to be deleted or corrected. Information about the customer's name, address, e-mail, etc. is only used to fulfill the customer's order and inform the customer if unforeseen problems should arise. D-S Safety A/S in no case passes on the customer's information to third parties, unless the customer has accepted this.

b. When you create a user account and fill in your account information, you also give permission for the information to be stored and used by D-S Safety A/S A / S. You can change your information at any time (including unsubscribing from newsletters, etc.) by logging in with your username and password.     

c. By registering, you also agree to receive service notifications, including reminders of an abandoned basket, follow-up e-mails after a purchase on the webshop and e-mails containing products that you have shown interest in.

14. Special Conditions for consultancy

a. For consultancy assistance , support and service provided by D-S Safety A/S also applies to the special conditions listed below for such assistance. Please note the following special conditions do not relate to visits, guidance, advice and ordering of goods by / at D-S Safety A/S 'consultants. These services are free and are solely up to the consultant at D-S Safety A/S to plan and determine the scope and content.

b. The content and scope of the consultancy assistance are specified separately and in writing. If the content and scope of the consultancy assistance is not determined separately, settlement takes place according to the time consumption calculated by D-S Safety A/S and on the conditions stated below. The consultancy assistance is carried out, unless otherwise agreed in writing, within normal working hours, which are Monday to Thursday 7.00 to 16.30 and Friday at 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. D-S Safety A/S is entitled to have its obligations performed by subcontractors.

c. The customer must provide the consultants and other contact persons with the relevant information needed to solve the task. The customer must freely provide workplaces provided in accordance with the consultants' further instructions. The customer must help to organize the work and allocate resources so that the consulting service can be delivered as agreed.

d. In the event of circumstances for which the customer is responsible that the agreed consultancy assistance cannot be delivered or that it is delayed, D-S Safety A/S is entitled to demand remuneration for the consultants who were available for the delivery of the consultancy assistance as well as the extraordinary resources, which D-S Safety A/S has had to use as a result of the delay only with deduction for any invoicing for other work performed by the consultants in question in the same period.

e. If the customer otherwise breaches the agreement on the provision of consultancy assistance, D-S Safety A/S is entitled to demand the full remuneration for the consultancy assistance paid, regardless of whether the scope of the consultancy assistance is only estimated or estimated by D-S Safety A/S. Is no remuneration or estimated resp. time consumption, D-S Safety A/S is entitled to a remuneration corresponding to the time consumption that would normally be included in a task of this nature.

f. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the provisions of the Personal Data Act, including the provisions on security, are complied with, and cannot make D-S Safety A/S responsible for this.

g. If no other written agreement has been entered into in this regard, D-S Safety A/S 'remuneration is calculated on the basis of the time taken for the solution of the task (incl. transport time) in accordance with the applicable hourly rates in accordance with it at any time. current price list. Work outside the above-mentioned normal working hours takes place for an additional supplement in accordance with the price list in force at any given time.

h. D-S Safety A/S is entitled to reimbursement of all expenses incurred in connection with the solution of the task, including expenses for transport, accommodation, meals and external consultants.

15. Force Majeure

a. If an extraordinary situation arises that is beyond D-S Safety A/S 'control, and which according to the Danish Sale of Goods Act must be regarded as force majeure, D-S Safety A/S ' obligations will be suspended for the period that the extraordinary situation lasts. In such an extraordinary situation, the customer can terminate the agreement with D-S Safety A/S if the situation lasts or is assumed to last longer than 60 days, and in those cases only with 14 days notice.

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

a. Any dispute must be decided by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen according to Danish rules.

b. In international purchase agreements, the United Nations Convention on Purchases (CISG) is required to be used.

17. Invalidity

a. If one or more provisions in these terms may be considered invalid, the other terms must continue to be valid between the customer and D-S Safety A/S.

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