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2. Unit Of Sale Net Weight(kg) Case 4.95 Max Weight(kg) Case Dimension (LXWXH)(cm) 7.12 45.4 x 37.1 x 32 Inner Pack Material Paper Packaging Pallet Type LxWxH (m) Cases per Layer Layers per Pallet Cases per Pallet A2 1.20 x 1.00 x 1.26 7 3 21 Information It is the employer’s responsibility to assess the risk of the task to be undertaken and determine the correct choice of wipers for the task. The manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark, does not accept any responsibility for the incorrect choice or misuse of wipers shown in this brochure. All care has been taken to ensure that the information contained herein is as accurate as possible at the time of publication, however errors may occur and legislation concerning personal protective equipment is under constant review and may change in the lifetime of this brochure. Accordingly, the specifications for the products may be subject to change. We would advise you to contact INFOFAX if you have any queries concerning the products shown or the suitability of such products for the particular task.Always dispose of used protective equipment in a safe and appropriate manner in accordance with European, National and Local environmental regulations Infofax Details infofax@kcc.com Websites www.kcprofessional.co.uk Customer Service Number For more information please contact Customer Service during regular office hours-0870 551 044 Country of Origin UNITED STATES 2 / 2 (Code=07551200/LN=01/Country=GB/Type=C) Product Data Sheet for KIMTECH SCIENCE* Precision Wipes - POP-UP Box / White /Large - 7551

1. Product Long Code 07551200 Customer Facing Code 7551 Description KIMTECH SCIENCE* Precision Wipes - POP-UP Box / White /Large PDS Reference 26/01/2018 Product Information Product Description A range of high-performance wiper solutions, suitable for ISO Class 4 or higher laboratory environments. Ideal for: light duty, precision cleaning of delicate glassware, instruments and surface/parts. Available as: white 1 ply paper wipers, in two sizes 30.4 cm x 30.4 cm and 11.5 cm x 21.5 cm, dispensed from a POP-UP Box flexible system, giving controlled access to hygienically protected wipers when you’re cleaning or wiping on the move. Case Contents 15 Dispenser Boxes x 196 Sheets = 2940 Sheets Outer Pack Material Paper Commodity Code 48189090 Packaging Configuration Icon Dimension Weight(kg) 30.00 x 30.00 Length x Width(cm) Impregnated I No Fold Type Bar Code (Pack) 10036000755128 036000755121 Bar Code (Case) Colour 100 White Virgin Fibre(%) Product Specifications Solution Safer Workplace We know staff safety is your top priority. You can rely on our solutions to protect them, their environment and your important work. Productive Workplace The success of your business hinges on your work efficiency. That’s why our solutions are designed to help improve your productivity. International Standards and Symbols Product Data Sheet for KIMTECH SCIENCE* Precision Wipes - POP-UP Box / White /Large - 7551 1 / 2


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