25-m-151 olieabsorbent måtte datablad

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1. Spilfyter Product Data Sheet M-151 147 2400 18.6 N/A N/A 352 Bag PRODUCT CODE: WIDTH (CM): LENGTH (CM): BALE WEIGHT (KG): HORIZONTAL PERFORATION (CM): VERTICAL PERFORATION (CM): ADSORBENCY (LITERS): PACKAGING: RANGE: N/A PRODUCT TYPE: Oil-Only Specialty Sorbent COLOR: Blue THICKNESS: N/A 1 PACK QTY: 9 BALES PER PALLET: Railroad Roll FEATURES / BENEFITS: Available in two sizes - smaller rolls are used outside tracks and wider rolls between tracks. Heavy duty poly backing prevents leaking of liquids onto tracks. 3-piece construction gives high durability. BONDING: Sprocket/Dimple TOTAL BASIS WEIGHT (GSM): ADSORBENCY RATIO: 16 Top layer gives UV protection thereby warranting a longer lifespan of product. Can be used under transformers to prevent oils from leaking onto ground. 0.24 LITERS/M3: Factories/warehouses where a durable sorbent is needed due to heavy traffic; under heavy equipment (stamping tools, etc) in order to protect floor Thursday, November 19, 2009 Page 1 of 1


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