G500 Multisystem Teknisk Datablad TDS

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2. 3M ™ Head & Face Technical Datasheet Model European Standard Scale Number Optical Class Symbol Field of use Mechanical Strength 5F-1 5F-2 EN166:2001 2C-1,2 1 BT A 3 9 K N High speed particles at extremes of temperature High speed particles Liquid Splash Molten Metal Splash Resistance to surface damage by fine particles Resistance to fogging Medium energy impact High energy impact 5E-1 EN166:2001 5 1 BT 3 9 K N High speed particles at extremes of temperature Liquid Splash Molten Metal Splash Resistance to surface damage by fine particles Resistance to fogging Medium energy impact If the face shield and the frame are not both marked with the same symbol, the lowest level applies to the complete face protector. The headgear can carry both mesh face shields as well as clear face shields. Model Material(s): Size Weight: Colour: HeadGear G500: PP, HDPE, POM, Stainless steel PVC/Polyester - 212 g (w/o face shield) black/orange Technical Specification: For mesh face shields see specific Technical data sheet Model Material(s): Minimum thickness Coating Weight: Colour: 5F-1 Polycarbonate 1,5 mm Outside: Anti Fog, Inside: Anti Fog 138 g Clear 5F-2 Polycarbonate 1,5 mm Outside: Hard Coat, Inside: Anti Fog 138 g Clear 5E-1 Shaded Polycarbonate 1,5 mm Outside: Anti Fog, Inside: Anti Fog Shade: 5 140 g Green Available polycarbonate face shields: Important Notice 3M does not accept liability of any kind, be it direct or consequential (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, business and/or goodwill) arising from reliance upon any information herein provided by 3M. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of the products for their intended use. Nothing in this statement will be deemed to exclude or restrict 3M’s liability for death or personal injury arising from its negligence. Spare Parts and Accessories: Product code Description 5F -1 Polycarbonate Face shield, Clear 5F-2 Polycarbonate Face shield, Clear 5E-1 Polycarbonate Face shield, Green V6C Integrated safety eyewear, Yellow V6B Integrated safety eyewear, Grey V6E Integrated safety eyewear, Clear HYG50 Plastic sweat band Standards and Approval: The G500 headgear has been shown to meet the basic safety requirements of the European Directive 89/686/EEC and is thus CE marked. The clear face shield models have been tested in accordance with EN 166:2001. The product has been examined by FIOH, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Topeliuksenkatu 41 a A, FI-00250, Helsinki, Finland Notified body #0403 3M a/s Sikkerhedsprodukter Fabriksparken 15 Telefon: 43 48 01 00 Fax: 43 96 85 96 E-mail: 3msikkerhed@mmm.com www.3Msikkerhed.dk Please recycle. Printed in Sweden. © 3M 2010. All rights reserved. DS65/000129-1

1. 3M ™ Head & Face Technical Datasheet 3M ™ Headgear G500 Product desription The 3M™ Headgear G500 provides a versatile and comfortable solution for wearers who require both face and hearing protection. With special design features making it easy to combine the headgear with other 3M safety products such as face shields, passive earmuffs or communication headsets and integrated eyewear. Key Features: Ratchet for size adjustment • Printable front cover for customized solutions • Replaceable plastic sweatband • Compatible with a wide range of 3M™ Peltor™ passive and • communications Ear muffs Suitable for attaching integrated eyewear V6* • Applications Industry • Use and storage: Temperature range for usage: -5°C – +55°C Recommended storage conditions: -20º C - +55º C, <85% humidity Recommended maximum shelf life: 5 years. Size: The fitting is adjustable between 54 and 62 cm Use limitation Never modify or alter this product • Do not use this product against hazards other than • those specified Refer to the user instruction for the specific product for • more information Integrated eyewear To increase eye protection, G500 can incorporate the integrated eye protection range (V6*), that are available in clear, grey and yellow. Clear faceshield 5F-1 (Polycarbonate) protection grade BT/A against high speed particles according to EN166. Frontcover Ventilation for increased comfort. The frontcover is also designed as a cable holder in combination with Peltor Communication products Hearing Protection Thanks to the robust design of the headband, G500 can be used both with and without earmuffs. The slot is 30 mm and fit the Peltor P3E-attachment. Headband Robust design ready to be attached to ear muffs Ratchet harness This solution with its ergonomically designed neck support, makes it possible to obtain maximum comfort for long periods of time. The adjustment dial is made of a TPE- material for maximum grip Harness adjustment 8 positions for head size adjustment Harness adjustment Three positions for height adjustment V6C Yellow


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