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5. Additional Information User Manual 90021509_SYNC Radio Parts & Accessories Accessories Hygien Kit : ref1015280 Packaging UPC Code 7312550303320 UPC Code/Case 17312550303327 Unit of Measure Each Quantity per Box/Pack/Case 5 EA per Case Country of Origin China © Honeywell International Inc. 1030332-Sync™ Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Page 5 Of 5

11. Sync ™ Play it. Safe. Most radio earmuffs provide some level of hearing protection, but often sacrifice sound quality for attenuation. That’s why we created Sync™, the latest innovations in passive hearing protection for active lifestyles. Stereo and radio earmuffs that are in sync with proper levels of hearing protection, high-fidelity sound, and your ability to listen to the radio and personal listening devices safely at work — and at home. Sync Attenuation Data | Testing in accordance with EN352-1:2002. Sync Stereo | SNR 31 H 32 dB – M 28 dB – L 23 dB Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 800 0 Mean Attenuation 19.2 21.2 2 3 .1 2 8 .1 31.7 3 4.1 38.5 39.3 Standard Deviation 3.0 3.4 2.4 2.4 3 .1 3 .1 2.4 3.7 Assumed Protection 16.2 17. 8 20.7 25.7 28.6 31.0 3 6 .1 35.6 Sync Fitting Instructions Fitting: Place the ear cups over the outer ear. Adjust the headband by sliding the headband up or down at the attachment buttons. The ear cushions should seal firmly against the head. Optimized Fit: For best results, remove all hair under the cushion. Noise reduction will be adversely affected by anything that impairs the seal of the earmuff cushions against the head, such as thick spectacle frames, balaclavas, etc. Sync ™ Ref.: Description Packaging 10 3 0111 Sync Stereo Clamshell 1030330 Sync Digital AM/FM Radio Clamshell 1030332 Sync Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Clamshell 1030333 Sync Electo Box Sync Digital AM/FM Radio & Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio | SNR 29 H 29 dB – M 27 dB – L 23 dB Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 800 0 Mean Attenuation 19.0 22.6 26.3 29.8 29.0 3 7. 2 3 7. 3 - Standard Deviation 3.0 2.3 2.0 1.5 2.3 2.7 3.7 - Assumed Protection 16.0 20.3 24.3 28.2 26.7 34.5 33.6 - Sync Electo | SNR 29 H 29 dB – M 27 dB – L 23 dB Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 800 0 Mean Attenuation 19.0 22.6 26.3 29.8 29.0 3 7. 2 3 7. 3 - Standard Deviation 3.0 2.3 2.0 1.5 2.3 2.7 3.7 - Assumed Protection 16.0 20.3 24.3 28.2 26.7 34.5 33.6 - WARNING: All hearing protection affords limited protection. The user is responsible for the proper selection, use, care and maintenance of this device. Improper selection (including under/over protection), use or maintenance may lead to serious hearing loss. WARNING: For portable audio devices with output greater than 126mV, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that volume of the Sync will be limited to 82dB. Failure to maintain output levels at 126mV or less while using this device could result in hearing loss to the user of this product over time. Ho N eywell S AF e T y Produc TS Sperian Protection u K l T d u nit 3 e lmwood - c hineham Park Basingstoke - r G24 8 w G - u nited Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 1256 693 200 Fax: +44 (0) 1256 693 300 uksales@sperian.com www.howardleight.com www.honeywellsafety.com Sperian Protection Immeuble e dison Paris Nord 2 33 rue des Vanesses - BP 55288 Villepinte 95958 r oissy cd G c edex - France Tel : +33 (0)1 49 90 79 79 Fax : +33 (0)1 49 90 71 04 info-export@sperian.com doc 2557

12. Sync ™ Electo ® Sync ™ Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Total protection, visibility and productivity. The Sync Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio provides workers with a total solution for hearing protection, motivation, and visibility. In addition to Sync Digital AM/ FM Radio features, its eye-catching bright green earcups provide a highly noticeable contrast against dark settings. Plus, Sync Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio is the only radio earmuff that incorporates an exclusive reflective headband that illuminates when exposed to light, providing increased visibility and safety on the job. Situational awareness. Sync Electo combines the entertainment benefit of our Digitial AM/FM Radio with advanced sound amplification technology for improved situational awareness. Directionally placed stereo microphones amplify and enhance ambient sound up to 82 dB, allowing workers to hear important communication — alarms/warning signals, co-workers’ voices — more effectively. For ambient noise exposures above 82 dBA, Sync Electo’s listening circuitry manages speaker volume to a level that does not exceed 82 dBA. • Bright green earcups provide high visibility and contrast, reflective headband illuminates under light for increased visibility and safety. • All Sync earmuffs feature patented Air Flow Control ™ technology, delivering optimal attenuation across all frequencies without increasing earcup size or weight. Sync ™ Stereo Plug in and go! Safety managers love Sync Stereo earmuffs as much as their workers do. Users simply plug in MP3 players and personal listening devices, and listen. There are no volume knobs or power switches to coordinate nor batteries to replace. Sync Stereo’s ease-of-use is enhanced by maintaining volume and power control through the MP3 player. Plus, Sync Stereo’s technologically advanced acoustical bass chamber enhances bass sounds that are typically sacrificed in traditional industrial stereo earmuffs. Sync ™ Digital AM/FM Radio Improved performance. Studies have shown that workers allowed to wear hearing protectors that integrate AM/FM radios are more productive and motivated on the job. With the new Sync Digital AM/FM Radio, not only can workers be more productive, they will enjoy their listening experience even more! Its digital tuning interface automatically searches for radio stations and can store up to 10 stations in its memory. Inside and outdoors, Sync Digital AM/FM Radio’s clean, crisp digital radio reception and high-fidelity stereo sound quality will keep workers in tune throughout their workday. • Separate knobs adjust volume for radio and sound amplification. • Sync Electo is available in headband and helmet models. Helmet model includes set of adapters to use with popular helmets. • Both comfort and fit are ensured on all Sync earmuffs by its padded diamond-patterned headband and reinforced fork slides that keep it in place when worn. • Sync Stereo’s Volume Management Technology™ manages sound levels reaching the user’s ear to safer levels. • 10 pre-set stations and volume memory can be personalized for each worker. • Lightweight slim earcup design more comfortable to wear during the work day. • LCD display • All Sync earmuffs feature a 3.5mm AUX input jack and connection cable. • Built-in microphones reproduce ambient sounds, retaining sense of direction.

10. E.C. Declaration of Conformity The manufacturer or its legal representative supplier in the European Community: Honeywell Safety Products Europe Declares that the Personal Protective Equipment described here after conforms to the provisions of the European Council Directive 89/686/CEE: Designation: 1030332 - Sync™ Hi - Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Reference: 1030332 Standard(s): EN 352 - 6:2002, EN 352 - 8:2008, EN - 352 - 1:2002 This PPE is the object of the below EC examination certificate n°: Delivered by: Combitech AB SE - 73281 Arboga Sweden tel: +46 589 800 00 Drawn up in San Diego, CA, USA, on the 03/12/2014 By : Neil Bergstrom Division : Hearing Protection Zl Paris Nord II 33, rue des Vanesses BP 50288 95958 Roissy CDG France Tel: +33 (0) 49 90 79 79 Fax: +33 (0)1 49 90 79 80 www.honeywellsafety.com

4. Sound Amplification No AM/FM Radio Yes Automatic Shut - Off Function Yes Audio Input Jack Yes Hi - Visibility Yes Certifications E.C. Declaration of Conformity EC Category PPE 2 Quality Assurance ISO 9001 / 2000 EC Attestation EC Attestation EC Attestation Number CAB - 24661 REACH SS056 Rev_1_3 EC Declaration of Conformity - Electronic Earmuffs http://www.honeywellsafety.com/supplementary/documents_and_downloads/secured/hearing_protection/earmuffs/4294968404/1033.aspx EU Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH) Compliance The substance(s) listed below may be contained in this product above the threshold level of 0.1% by weight of the listed article. Product Reference Sold in Europe Substance > 0.1% Substance Name CAS Number No Substance Content Literature & Documents E.C. Declaration of Conformity SyncFamily_Brochure_UK http://www.honeywellsafety.com/supplementary/documents_and_downloads/secured/hearing_protection/earmuffs/4294968406/1033.aspx We ’ re sorry, there are no images available at this time. 1030332-Sync™ Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Page 4 Of 5

3. • No tools required / easy to use Feature 2AA Batteries Benefit • Provides listening enjoyment for up to 111 hours (3 weeks based on 38 hours per working week) Feature SNR 29 H 29 / M 27 / L 22 Benefit • Ideal for most of noisy environments Feature Blister Pack Benefit • Clear display shows product • Can be hanged on rack or placed on shelf for in - store merchandising Technical Description SNR (dB) 29 H (dB) 29 M (dB) 27 L (dB) 23 Earmuff Construction None Dielectric No Color Black Batteries Needed 2AA Battery Autonomy (hrs) 111 Weight (grs) 0.37kg Design Patents Air Flow Control, Volume Management Technology Headband Style Over - Head 1030332-Sync™ Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Page 3 Of 5

2. comfortable way. Features & Benefits Feature Bright Green Earcups Benefit • Provide high visibility and contrast in low lighting Feature Exclusive Reflective Headband Benefit • Reflects when illuminated, providing increased visibility and safety Feature Digital AM/FM Tuning with LCD Display Benefit • Automatically searches for radio stations • Clean, crisp digital radio reception and high - fidelity stereo sound quality will keep workers in tune throughout their workday. Feature 10 Pre - Set Stations Benefit • Easy to use and to switch from one station to another one Feature 82 dBA Maximum Volume Output(based on input of 120 mV) Benefit • Listening level safer, even when they listen to their own MP3 player Feature Volume Memory Benefit • Select your preferred volume once, no need to readjust it each time you turn the radio earmuff on Feature Cool Headband / Earcup Design Benefit • Sleek diamond pattern headband with red stitching looks cool, easy to clean • Reinforced fork slides with handholds for easy and comfortable fit • Textile avoids heat transmission common with plastic headbands Feature Outer Slip - Lid Battery Compartment Benefit 1030332-Sync™ Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Page 2 Of 5

1. Europe / Africa View More Overview Reference Number 1030332 Product Type Hearing Protection Range earmuffs Line Radio Earmuffs Brand Howard Leight Industry Product Use The SYNC Radio earmuff is a hearing protector with built - in full - stereo FM and AM radio. It allows you to listen to radio - reception in the FM - band between 87,5 and 108 MHz and in the AM - band between 520 and 1710 kHz, while still protecting your hearing in an efficient and Agriculture Automotive and Part Manufacturer Building and Construction Chemical Industries Energy or Electricity Food Industries General Industry Iron and steel industry Maintenance Metal steel Petro - chemical Transportation Utilities PRODUCT NUMBER: 1030332 High quality digital AM/FM radio reception 1030332 - Sync™ Hi - Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Learn more about our products at howardleight.com > Learn more about hearing conservation at hearforever.org > Page 1 Of 5


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