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4. Packaging EAN Code 033552000020 © Honeywell International Inc. Laser Trak Single-Use Detectable Earplug - 3301167 Page 4 Of 4

7. E.C. Declaration of Conformity The manufacturer or its legal representative supplier in the European Community: Honeywell Safety Products Europe Declares that the Personal Protective Equipment described here after conforms to the provisions of the European Council Directive 89/686/CEE: Designation: Laser Trak Single - Use Detectable Earplug Reference: 3301167 Standard(s): EN 352 - 2:1993, EN - 24869 - 1:1993 This PPE is the object of the below EC examination certificate n°: 971023 Delivered by: B.G.I.A. Alte Heerstrasse 111 53754 Stankt Augustin Germany Drawn up in Germany, on the 15/01/2015 By : Division : Hearing Protection Zl Paris Nord II 33, rue des Vanesses BP 50288 95958 Roissy CDG France Tel: +33 (0) 49 90 79 79 Fax: +33 (0)1 49 90 79 80 www.honeywellsafety.com

3. Blue/Orange Shape t Corded Yes Weight (grs) 1.576 Design Patents Metal Detectable Earplug Certifications E.C. Declaration of Conformity EC Category PPE 2 Quality Assurance ISO 9001 / 2000 EC Certificate Number 971023 EC Attestation EC Attestation EC Attestation Number 9700405 & 200822448 We ’ re sorry, there are no images available at this time. Additional Information User Manual Instruction Manual - Laser Trak (global) Maintenance Life Cycle These plugs must be disposed of and replaced after each wearing. Storage Information All earplugs should be stored before and between usages in a way that protects them from dirt, grease, and other contaminants. Care Instructions Disposable earplugs are made of either TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) or polyurethane foam. Washing and cleaning of disposable earplugs are not recommended. These plugs must be disposed of and replaced after each wearing. Excessive moisture reduces the attenuation and slows down the foam recovery which may lead to improper fit. Laser Trak Single-Use Detectable Earplug - 3301167 Page 3 Of 4

2. Single - Use Earplug, Detectable Metal Detection for Food Industry Features & Benefits Feature NON - FERROUS METAL, BRIGHT COLORS Easily detected by visual and automated inspection. SELF - ADJUSTING POLYURETHANE FOAM Expands to fit virtually any wearer. Benefit Laser Trak offers high visual and metal detectability in a Single - Use earplug. Laser Trak ’ s low - pressure foam expands gently inside the ear canal for comfortable long - term wear, while it ’ s contoured T - shape delivers easy handling. A metal grommet on the earplug aids in metal detection, especially in process industries. Technical Description SNR (dB) 35 H (dB) 34 M (dB) 32 L (dB) 31 Attenuation Data Size Fits All Color Frequency (Hz) Frequenz (Hz) Fréquence (Hz) 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 Mean Attenuation (dB) Mittlere Dämmung (dB) Atténuation moyenne (dB) 33.4 34.1 35.5 37.6 34.9 35.7 42.5 44.1 Standard Deviation (dB) Standardabweichung (dB) Déviation standard (dB) 4.6 4.7 4.6 4.1 5.0 2.8 2.9 4.2 Assumed Protection (dB) Angenommener (dB) Protection suppossé (dB) 28.8 29.4 30.9 33.5 29.9 32.9 39.6 39.9 Laser Trak Single-Use Detectable Earplug - 3301167 Page 2 Of 4

1. Europe / Africa View More Overview Reference Number 3301167 Product Type Hearing Protection Range Earplugs Line Detectable Earplugs Brand Howard Leight by Honeywell Industry Product Use Industry Administration Agriculture Army - Defence ATEX environment Automotive and Part Manufacturer Aviation Building and Construction Catering Chemical Industries Energy or Electricity Fire Protection brigades Fishing Food Industries Foundry Glass Industries Green Spaces Homeland defense Industrial Cleaning Iron and steel industry Laboratory Logistics Maintenance Medical and Pharmaceutical Metal steel Minning and Quarrying Offshore Paper Industries Petro - chemical Printing Industries Services Ship Building Telecoms Textile Industries Transportation Utilities Water treatment Welding Wood Industries PRODUCT NUMBER: 3301167 Laser Trak Single - Use Detectable Earplug Learn more about our products at howardleight.com > Learn more about hearing conservation at hearforever.org > Page 1 Of 4


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