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3. Maintenance Care Instructions In order to keep its properties, this article should not be cleaned. © Honeywell International Inc. Fingercots Latex - 135LBR Page 3 Of 3

4. E.C. Declaration of Conformity The manufacturer or its legal representative supplier in the European Community: Honeywell Safety Products Europe Declares that the Personal Protective Equipment described here after conforms to the provisions of the European Council Directive 89/686/CEE: Designation: Fingercots Latex - 135LBR Reference: 135LBR Standard(s): This PPE is the object of the below EC examination certificate n°: No certification Delivered by: CENTRE TECHNIQUE DU CUIR 4 rue Hermann Frenkel 69367 Lyon Cedex 07 Drawn up in Lyon, on the 09/01/2015 By : Fabrice beaugeard Division : Gloves Zl Paris Nord II 33, rue des Vanesses BP 50288 95958 Roissy CDG France Tel: +33 (0) 49 90 79 79 Fax: +33 (0)1 49 90 79 80 www.honeywellsafety.com

1. Europe / Africa View More Overview Reference Number 135LBR Product Type Gloves Range Chemical Protection Line Disposable Brand Honeywell Brand formerly known as NORTH Industry Product Use Handling of parts, equipements sensistive to electrostatic charges. General Industry Telecoms PRODUCT NUMBER: 135LBR Handling of parts, equipements sensistive to electrostatic charges. Fingercots Latex - 135LBR Page 1 Of 3

2. Features & Benefits Feature Fingercots in latex Non Powdered Antistatic Black Benefit RESISTANCE Static dissipative quality will not rub or wash off. Cots do not depend on humidity or any ingredient to migrate to the surface. Static dissipative properties will not weaken with age. Consistent performance and high quality. Very rapid static decay will not permit build - up of destructive static energy. 5000 to 0 volts in 0.01 second. HYGIENE Multiple washings make cots powder - free with very low particle count; Black color for easy monitoring of critical EDSD production Technical Description Description Fingercots in latex Non Powdered Antistatic Black Product Technology Dipped Glove/liner color Black Harmlessness In conformity with the European standards. Sizes L Packaging Label Tagging Marking on the bundle Certifications E.C. Declaration of Conformity EC Category PPE 1 EC Certificate Number No certification EC Attestation EC Attestation EC Attestation Number No certification We ’ re sorry, there are no images available at this time. Storage Information Minimum packaging : box of 720 units Cartons of 30 bags of 720 units Fingercots Latex - 135LBR Page 2 Of 3


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