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1. Product Data Sheet BLUESAFE Description: Bluesafe gloves are made for all around general handling situations. They have a heavy weight Nitrile coating. The inner liner is a 100% cotton jersey liner with a cotton knit wrist or canvas safety cuff, fully coated or only palm coated. Materials: 100% cotton fleecy lining dipped in blue Nitrile. Articles: T101 knitted wrist, palm coated T102 knitted wrist, fully coated T107 safe ty cuff, palm coated T157 safety cuff, fully coated Sizes: 9L,10XL, T101 also in size 8M Standards: EN420, EN388, Intermediate design 4 111 * Mechanical Abrasion Level 4 Performance Blade Cut Level 1 to EN388: Tear Level 1 Puncture Level 1 Packaging: 12 pairs per polybag, 12 bags per case North Sa fety Products Europe bv, p.o.box 5016, 4330 KA, Middelb urg – The Netherlands 16 - 01 - 2005


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