3M 2790 sikkerhedsbriller (goggles) datablad

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1. Data Sheet 3 Safety Goggles 2790 & 2790A Product Description: The 3M™ Safety Goggles 2790 and 2790A are designed to protect the eyes against a wide range of potential hazards in the workplace. The 2790, featuring polycarbonate lens provides excellent protection against high speed particles at medium energy, molten metal, hot solids and gas. The 2790A features acetate lens that offers good resistance against many organic chemicals. Key Features: ● Excellent field of vision for improved safety and wearer confidence. ● Impact resistance against high speed particles at extremes of temperature. ● Sealed design helps provide protection against liquids, dusts, gases & vapours. ● General design and flexible nose bridge for improved comfort. ● Broad, fully adjustable headbands for optimum fit and reliable protection. ● Choice of polycarbonate (2790) or acetate (2790A) lenses to match specific hazard. - Acetate lens helps provide good chemical resistance against many solvents and industrial chemicals. - Polycarbonate lens version helps protect against molten metal and hot solids. ● Protection against UV radiation. ● Anti-mist coating to help prevent fogging and enhance safety. ● Anti-scratch coating (2790 only) for improved durability and vision. ● Can be worn over most prescription spectacles. ● Design provides good compatiblility with 3M 4000 & 7500 Series halfmasks (see Compatibility). Approvals These safety goggles have been shown to meet the basic safety requirements under Article 10 of the European Community Directive 89/686/EEC and are thus CE-marked. Approval body: Istituto di Ricerche e Collaudi Notified body: 0068 Standards These safety goggles have been tested and approved to the following standards: EN166:2001 (Personal Eye Protection - Specifications) EN170 (Ultraviolet filters used in personal eye protection) They also meet the following requirements: 2790A: Field(s) of use 3 = liquid droplets 4 = large dust particles (>5_m) 5 = gas & fine dusts (<5_m) Mechanical strength FT = low energy impact protection (45 m/s) at e xtremes of temperature(-5°C & +55°C) Optional requirements N = resistance to fogging of lenses 2790: As 2790A plus Field of use 9 = resistance to molten metals and penetration of hot solids Mechanical strength BT = medium energy impact protection (120 m/s) at e xtremes of temperature(-5°C & +55°C) Optional requirements K = resistance to surface damage by fine particles

2. Occupational Health Group Occupational Health Group 3M United Kingdom PLC 3M Ireland 3M Centre, Cain Road 3M House, Adelphi Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire Upper Georges St. Dun Laoghaire RG12 8HT Co. Dublin, Ireland T el: 0870 60 800 60 Tel:1800 320 500 3 UK2790/2790A Marking: Example of lens marking Scale number 3-1.2 Manufacturer’s identification 3M Optical class 1 Symbol for mechanical strength BT Symbol for non-adherence of molten metal and resistance to penetration of hot solids 9 Symbol for resistance to surface damage by fine particles K Symbol for resistance to fogging of lenses N Example of frame marking Manufacturer’s identification 3M Product reference 2790 European standard number EN166 Symbol for liquids 3 Symbol for large dust particles 4 Symbol for gas and fine dust particles 5 Symbol for molten metals and hot solids 9 Symbol for resistance to high speed particles BT at extremes of temperature Where lens markings for mechanical strength are different to frame markings for resistance to high speed particles, the lower classification must apply. Explanation of symbols Scale number The lens scale number is a combination of the code number and the shade number, joined together with a dash. Code number 3 - ultraviolet filter: good colour recognition Shade number Filter shades vary from 1.2 to 5 (higher number = darker tint) Optical Class 1 = highest optical class for continuous wear Cleaning Cleaning is recommended after each use. The product should be cleaned using a cloth moistened with warm soapy w ater and dried at room temperature. A suitable clean lens cleaning cloth may also be used. Do not use petrol, chlorinated degreasing fluids (such as trichloroethylene), organic solvents or abrasive cleaning agents to clean any part of the equipment. Materials Lens: 2790 Polycarbonate 2790A Acetate Frame: 2790, 2790A PVC Headband: 2790, 2790A Polyester, Natural Rubber Latex Wei ghts Product Weight 2790 112g 2790A 98g Applications These safety goggles can be used in a wide variety of applications including: ● P aint spraying ● Chemical handling ● Manufacturing industry ● Agriculture ● Automotive & body shops ● Laboratories ● Pharmaceutical industry ● Construction ● Metal working F or help with selecting the most appropriate forms of eye protection, or for more detailed product information, please contact the 3M Health & Safety Helpline on 0870 60 800 60 Compatibility T ests indicate that these combinations are suitable for many wearers. However, compatibility with other personal protective equipment is subject to a number of variables and the user must make an appropriate selection depending on individual requirements. Refer to your Health & Safety Officer if in any doubt.


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