3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ XE200 Comfort Wind Energy Positioning Safety Harnesss with auto-locking quick connect buckles

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1. 3M ™ DBI-SALA ® ExoFit ™ XE200 Comfort Wind Energy Positioning Safety Harnesss with auto-locking quick connect buckles Technical data sheet 1112747 / 1112748 / 1112749 Front Back Part number(s): 1112747 (Size 1) 1112748 (Size 2) 1112749 (Size 3) Sub-brand: DBI-SALA ® Industry: Wind Energy Applications: Climbing, Positioning Description Features Rear fall arrest attachment point: • Large stand-up D-ring – Aluminium - blue anodisation Front fall arrest attachment point: • Standard D-ring – Aluminium - blue anodisation Work positioning Attachment points: • Large cranked D-ring + front small D-ring – Aluminium - blue anodisation Leg Buckles: • Auto-locking quick connect – Steel - zinc plated/black paint, aluminium - grey anodisation Chest Buckles: • Quick connect – Steel - zinc plated/black paint, aluminium - grey anodisation Waist Buckles: • Auto-locking quick connect – Steel - zinc plated/black paint, aluminium - grey anodisation Adjustment: • Legs, waist, torso • Torso: Revolving adjuster – Steel/aluminium - ratchet buckle Webbing: 45mm Polyester Thread: Polyester Additional features: • Front & rear fall indicators • Leg, shoulder & waist padding • 2x Auto-resetting/repositionable lanyard keepers • RFID Equipped • Suspension trauma straps • Dedicated personal self-retracting lifeline attachment point Weight capacity: 140 kg Standards: • CE EN361:2002; EN358:2019 • UKCA Version: 1 This version is the sole document applicable to the product(s) since its date of publication

2. 3M™ Personal Safety Division | DBI-SALA ® ExoFit™ XE200 Comfort Wind Energy Positioning Safety Harness Important notice The mounting and use of the product described within this document assumes that the user has previous experience of this type of product and that it will be assembled by a competent professional according to product documentation. Before any use of this product it is recommended to complete some trials to validate the performance of the product within its expected application. All information and specification details contained within this document are inherent to this specific 3M product and would not be applied to other products or environment. Any action or usage of this product made in violation of this document is at the risk of the user. Compliance to the information and specification relative to the product contained within this document does not exempt the user from compliance with additional guidelines (safety rules, procedures). Compliance to operational requirements especially in respect to the environment and usage of tools with this product must be observed. The 3M Group (who cannot verify or control these elements) would not be held responsible for the consequences of any violation of these rules which remain external to its decision and control. Warranty conditions for products are determined with the sales contract documents and with the mandatory and applicable law, excluding any other warranty or compensation. 3M, DBI-SALA, ExoFit, Scotchlite, belongs to 3M Company and its affiliates. 3M ™ DBI-SALA ® Fall Arrest Harness sizing chart Weight 1112747 Size 1 2.95 1112748 Size 2 3.00 1112749 Size 3 3.05 Phone +33(0) 4 83 58 08 08 Email Web 3M Fall Protection Capital Safety (Northern Europe) Limited 3M Centre, Cain Road Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8HT, UK Capital Safety Group (EMEA) Le Broc Center, Bâtiment A, Z.1. 1re Avenue – BP15 06511 Carros Le Broc, Cedex, FRANCE kg cm 160 170 180 190 200 195 185 165 175 60 7 0 80 90 1 00 1 1 0 1 20 1 30 1 40 155 1 2 3 1 75- 1 1 0cm 2 90- 1 25cm 3 100- 1 40cm Rev. 1


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