66-1000- 2000 Liters SOPEP

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1. Lubetech Data Sheet 66 - 100 0 DATA SHEET 66 - 1000 Lubete ch Marine SOPEP K it (12 barrel s ) Type All types of fuels and oil fl uids Pads : 6 00 Sweep s and rolls : 2 Dimension 126 x 85 x 83cm ( L x W x H) Socks: 3 0 PPE kits: 5 Absorbency 600 li tres per ki t Pillows: 24 Hand Pump: 1 Weight 60kg Booms: 1 2 Waste Bags and Ties: 2 0 Packing : 2 x 1000L storage PE boxes S hovel and bucket : 1 Hand Spray er : 1 x 5L capacity Scupper Plugs: 2 Oil Degreaser : 2 x 5L TECH FEATURES Large c apacity s tatic bi n for marine envi ronment (s hips, ports, boats and marinas) stati c bin for marine envi ronment (ships, ports, boats and marinas) Superi or grade and capacity components quickly absorb unwanted spills Benefi ts from additional equipment (dust pan, brush, PPE , bucket, hand pump and steel drain plug p Compl ete r efi ll ki t available – part nu mber 66 - 1004 (all components wi thout the s torage boxes)

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