Ansell Alphatec 58-335 Product Data Sheet

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1. 58-335 Chemical gloves with new AQUADRI™ moisture management technology WWW.ANSELL.COM Less sweat equals greater comfort and performance. Applications • Changing oil, fixing pumps • Chemicals mixing/handling/ transferring/pouring/blending • Cleaning • Opening, draining pumps/valves • Painting, sealing, packaging • Sampling/testing Industries • Automotive & OEM • Chemical/refineries • Fabricated metal • Machinery • Petroleum/chemical • Pharmaceutical • Transport, aerospace • The new AlphaTec AQUADRI gloves are engineered with a unique moisture management technology that keeps hands dryer for significantly longer periods of time. • The design features a two-layered coating construction with a superior nitrile film for advanced chemical protection and an inner soft foam coating helps feeling the difference especially when sweaty hands are a problem and resulting in an improved user comfort and performance. • Patented AQUADRI technology brings a unique performance in moisture management that significantly reduces sweat build up inside the glove under hot & humid environments. • The new AlphaTec AQUADRI gloves are addressing the most relevant need for the workers: Sweat Reduction; Less Sweat equals Greater Comfort and Performance. SKIN CHEMICAL HAZARD MOISTURE Protective shell layer AquaDri® Nitrile PI BU NBR VB NE NRL LF BL TYPE A PVC PVA TYPE B TYPE C PI BU NBR VB NE NRL LF BL TYPE A PVC PVA TYPE B TYPE C

2. Performance Profile • New, proprietary AQUADRI technology delivers the properties of a sponge with un-rivalled moisture absorption capacity: on average 10 x more than traditional cotton-flocked linings. • The new AlphaTec AQUADRI gloves keep hands dryer for a longer period of time resulting in significantly improved comfort and performance. • The new AlphaTec nitrile glove is designed to deliver optimal results in wet or dry work environments where chemical protection is crucial. • Heavy Duty style has a longer cuff to extend protection further to the wrist and lower forearm area. Key Features • High performance nitrile compound offers superior snag, puncture and abrasion protection over rubber or neoprene gloves. • Reversed lozenge palm finish for improved dry/wet grip. • Foldable cuff gutter to prevent dripping on the forearm. 58-335 Chemical gloves with new AQUADRI™ moisture management technology Ansell, ® and ™ are trademarks owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. US Patented and US and non-US Patents Pending: © 2017 Ansell Limited. All Rights Reserved. Neither this document nor any other statement made herein by or on behalf of Ansell should be construed as a warranty of merchantability or that any Ansell product is fit for a particular purpose. Ansell assumes no responsibility for the suitability or adequacy of an end user’s selection of gloves for a specific application. Technologies Performance Standards Specifications CHEMICAL AGENT BREAKTHROUGH TIME n- Heptane (J) >480 Sodium hydroxide, (K) >480 Sulphuric acid, 96% (L) 66 Ammonium hydroxide, 25% (O) 41 Hydrogen peroxyde, 30% (P) >480 Formaldehyde, 37% (T ) >480 PERMEATION BREAKTHROUGH TIMES ACCORDING TO EN 16523-1 : 2015 (MINUTES) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 < 10 10-30 30-60 60-120 120-240 240-480 > 480 Not recommended Splash protection Medium protection High protection Data given in the table above are based on results of laboratory tests performed on the palm area of the glove. These tests were run using standard test methods that may not adequately replicate any specific conditions of end use. Because Ansell has no detailed knowledge or control over the conditions of end use, any of these data must be advisory only, and Ansell must decline any liability. Europe, Middle East & Africa Ansell Healthcare Europe NV Riverside Business Park Blvd International, 55 1070 Brussels, Belgium +32 2 528 74 00 +32 2 528 74 01 Asia Pacific Ansell Global Trading Center (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Prima 6, Prima Avenue Block 3512, Jalan Teknokrat 6 63000 Cyberjaya Selangor, Malaysia T: +60 3 83106688 F: +60 3 8318 6699 Australia Ansell Limited Level 3, 678 Victoria Street, Richmond, Vic, 3121 Australia +61 1800 513 276 +61 1800 803 578 Russia Анселл РУС 123610 Москва, Краснопресненская наб. 12, подъезд 3, офис 1103. Тел/факс +7 (495) 258-13-16 BRAND | STYLE DESCRIPTION DUTY LEVEL SIZE LENGTH COLOUR PACKAGE AlphaTec 5 8 -3 35 Flocking foam nitrile and reversed lozenge palm finish Nitrile shell gauge (0.45 mm/17mil), AQUADRI 2 (0.35mm/14mil) Heavy Duty 7-11 380 mm 15 inches, Semi-gauntlet Sea Green shell and Royal Blue technology 12 pairs/polybag 12 polybags/carton 144 pairs/carton EN ISO 374-1/Type A EN 388 EN ISO 374-5 JKLOPT 4101A 0086


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