Antibacterial Sticky Mats 40layer

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1. Antibacterial Sticky Mats / 40layer Technical specification • Description Multilayer adhesive sticky mats with 40layers. Suitable mainly in front of clean room or operating theaters, laboratories, intensive cares or in front of any exposed areas. Produced only from harmless materials, with water solvable adhesives. Contains antibacterial element. • Structure of the Product Layer Structure Sheet Thickness No of Sheets Total Thickness Top Cover Sheet 0.035 ± 0.005 mm 1 0.035 mm Disposable Sheet 0.035 ± 0.005 mm 40 1.400 mm Bottom Cover Sheet 0.055 ± 0.005 mm 1 0.055 mm • General Properties Item Measure Method Peel Adhesion SM200 0,48 (N/10mm) CSN EN ISO 1939 Width within (+- 2%) AV Medical Method Length within (+-2%) AV Medical Method Tensile Strength (LD) 28 MPa (+-0,7) CSN EN ISO 527-1,3 Tensile Strength (TD) 18,3MPa (+-0,6) CSN EN ISO 527-1,3 Peel Adhesion SM200 0,48 (N/10mm) CSN EN ISO 1939 • Grade SM200 • Material Polyethylene Film coated with acrylic (water solvable) adhesive • Dimensions 45 x 90 cm 115 x 45 cm 115 x 60 cm 115 x 90 cm Other sizes possible on request • Colors White Blue • Antibacterial element Item 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (OIT)


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