Barrier 02-100 datablad

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1. Versatile glove used in various spill and response kits, allowing workers to perform their job with confidence Chemical resistant, 5 layer laminated glove Hand-specific and ergonomic design. Wide Spectrum Resistance. 100% inspected. Each glove is individually air- pressure tested. 02-100 Extreme resistance against a wide range of chemicals, including biological hazards Industries Life Sciences Metal fabrication Chemical Applications Packaging and labelling Handling application & cleaning tools Filling, blending and charging of raw materials Opening and draining pumps valves or lines Loading and unloading of proces equipment Transferring liquids and solids between vessels and tanks and process equipment Testing Charging and blending raw materials Unexpected leakages spills or other releases WWW.ANSELL.COM

2. Key Features AQL: 0.065 Individually air pressure-tested and 100% inspected Silicone free 0493 ABCEFGHIMS A B C Performance Standards 02-100 Extreme resistance against a wide range of chemicals, including biological hazards Specifications BRAND | STYLE DESCRIPTION SIZE LENGTH COLOR PACKAGE Barrier 02- 100 N/A, HPPE Laminated Film, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 380-410 mm, 15"-16" inches White 1 pair in a bag; 12 pairs in a master bag; 6 master bags in a carton ® North America Region Ansell Healthcare Products LLC 111 Wood Avenue South, Suite 210 Iselin, NJ 08830, USA T: +1 800 800 0444 F: +1 800 800 0445 Latin America & Carbbean Region Ansell Commercial Mexico S.A. de C.V. Blvd. Bernardo Quintana No. 7001-C, Q7001 Torre II. Suites 1304, 1305 y 1306. Col. Centro Sur, c.p. 76079 Queretaro, Qro. Mexico T: +52 442 248 1544 / 248 3133 Canada Ansell Canada Inc. 105, rue Lauder Cowansville (Québec) Q7001 Torre II. J2K 2K8, Canada T: 1 800 363-8340 F: 1 888 267-3551 Ansell, and ™ are trademarks owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. US Patented and US and non-US Patents Pending: © 2018 Ansell Limited. All Rights Reserved. Neither this document nor any other statement made herein by or on behalf of Ansell should be construed as a warranty of merchantability or that any Ansell product is fit for a particular purpose. Ansell assumes no responsibility for the suitability or adequacy of an end user's selection of gloves for a specific application. ®


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