BEA 112 Fire ball brochure

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5. Official video Demo Video BEA 112 Video Links Link Link

4. Australia – Belgium – Brazil – Cameroon – Chad - Cote D’Ivoire - DR Congo – France - French Guiana – Gabon – Ireland – Italy – Madagascar – Mali – Morocco – Niger – Portugal – Senegal – Spain – Suriname – Switzerland - United Kingdom - Vietnam Where is BEA Sold? Transport Council Housing Navy Fire Equipment Suppliers Army Police Government Buildings Hospitals Retirement Homes Offices Truck/Lorries/Buses Boats/Yachts Cars/Vans Warehouses Electrical Cabinets Kitchens Machinery/Equipment Computer Server Rooms Corridors of Easy Access Offices Desks Business Buying BEA Where is BEA used

1. BEA 112 Automatic fire extinguisher ball in 10 sec • Automatic fire extinguisher ball • Automatic protection for equipment and goods • Only deploys when in contact of a flame • Tested for resistance against heat and pressure • 5 years with no maintenance • Multi language instructions

2. Automatic mode Prevent fires from starting when nobody is around. Automatic deployment when in contact with a flame, providing 24 hour protection to areas. Manual mode Immediate activation without special handling or the need to remove a pin. Either throw or roll towards the fire. When the ball touches the fire it activates Types of fire • Class A - fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles. • Class B - fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel or oils. • Class C - fires involving gases. • Electrical fires • Class F - fires involving cooking oils such as in deep-fat fryers. BEA 112 Automatic fire extinguisher ball


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