BundiQuick spildkar datablad

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1. TM Product No. Dimensions Capacity Qty 31-2093 100 x 100 x 310mm 75 Litres 1 31-2094 160 x 160 x 530mm 250 Litres 1 31-2095 200 x 200 x 540mm 565 Litres 1 Yellow for higher visibility. Quick and easy to deploy. Folds up for easy storage BundiQuick TECH FEATURES Product No. Dimensions Capacity Qty 31-2092 620 x 360 x 150mm N/A 1 Essential component for the Bundi Quick solution Effectively Pumps out the filled bund BundiQuick Decanting Pump TECH FEATURES B UNDIQUICK b U ndi QU ic K From a bundle to a bud in seconds, BundiQuick is your portable first response fluid containment system The Pop Up Pool Plus delivers immediate fluid capture capability, while the unique self-inflating bladder system allows containment of the spilt fluid – and for its re-use when the spill danger has passed! Simply disconnect the quick-release valve, decant the contents of the bladder - and away you go! Compact folded size allows BundiQuick to be conveniently stored in vehicles, while three selectable sizes capture 75-litres, 250-litres or even 565 Litres of spilt fluid, making it suitable for highway, industrial, commercial or workspace use. 46 47


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