Butoject 898

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3. VIICBUT898 A26_pdf http://www.honeywellsafety.com/supplementary/documents_and_downloads/gloves/4294994813 /1033.aspx 898 Konf GB http://www.honeywellsafety.com/privateassets/0/310/311/383/971/fe5820f8-fa1d-4ecf-8b30-48603c03e5d8.jpg Literature & Documents User Manual Product user instruction Additional Information Storage Information On the user instruction Care Instructions On the user instruction Maintenance © Honeywell International Inc. Butoject 898 Page 3 Of 3 © Honeywell International Inc.

1. United Kingdom Army - Defence Aviation Chemical Industries printing industry laboratories manufacturing of paints and varnishes chemical industry metal and plastics processing recycling and waste disposal cleaning and maintenance fire brigades and forces Reference Number 898 Product Type Gloves Range Chemical Protection Line Heavy chemical Brand KCL by Honeywell Brand formerly known as KCL Industry Product Use Overview Butoject 898 PRODUCT NUMBER: 898 Butoject® 898 is a highly flexible glove made of butyl rubber manufactured with the environmentally-friendly injection moulding process. This glove is very popular in the field of NBC protection due to its excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals and gases. This glove meet new EN 16-350 antistatic standard. Page 1 Of 3 © Honeywell International Inc.

2. Feature AQL < 0.65 excellent low degradation manufactured by Vulkoject process gastight (meets NATO requirements) loose fit allows gloves to be worn underneath can be re-used after contamination with certain chemicals, after special cleaning process (please consult KCL Laboratories) can be combined with chemical protective clothing Benefit very good protection against extremely aggressive and toxic chemicals extremely comfortable very good temperature resistance good mechanical resistance highly airtight Features & Benefits Description Injected glove in butyl. Rolled edge. Smooth finish. Powdered inside Product Technology Injection molding Glove/liner color Black Coating Type Butyl Length 340-360 Thickness 0,7 Harmlessness In conformity with European standards Sizes 8,9,10,11 EN 388 - Mechanical Hazards Abrasion Resistance Abrasion resistance 0 Cutting resistance (Coupe test) 0 Tear resistance 1 Puncture resistance 0 EN 374-3 Resistance to Resistance to permeation by chemicals BCI Technical Description E.C. Declaration of Conformity EC Category PPE 3 EC Certificate Number 951037 EC Attestation EC Attestation EC Attestation Number 951037 Certifications Butoject 898 Page 2 Of 3 © Honeywell International Inc.


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