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1. Europe / Africa Agriculture Industrial Cleaning Laboratory Medical and Pharmaceutical Petro-chemical Printing Industries Reference Number CS046W Product Type Gloves Range Chemical Protection Line Disposable Brand Honeywell Brand formerly known as NORTH Industry Product Use Fine assembly of oily parts. Handling of chemicals. Electronics. Overview Feature Unpowdered nitrile glove. Translucent. Length : 40 cm. AQL : 1,6 Benefit COMFORT Disposable glove for an excellent touch. Its patterned finish provides a better grip. Its length help to protect the forearm RESISTANCE Nitrile offers better mechanical resistance than latex. It also provides superior performance when in contact with greasy products. HYGIENE The glove is treated to prevent the development of bacteria. Its non-powdered interior ensures the absence of a transfer of cornstarch to foodstuffs, for a lower risk of allergy. Nitrile is an alternative for users who are allergic to natural latex. Features & Benefits Chem Soft - CS046W PRODUCT NUMBER: CS046W Fine assembly of oily parts. Handling of chemicals. Electronics. Page 1 Of 2 © Honeywell International Inc.

2. Description Unpowdered nitrile glove. Translucent. Length : 40 cm. AQL : 1,6 Product Technology Dipped Glove/liner color White Length 40 cm Harmlessness In conformity with the European standards. Dexterity Class 5 Sizes S, M, L, XL Packaging Label Tagging CE Honeywell CS046W XX EN 420 EN 374-3 Technical Description E.C. Declaration of Conformity EC Category PPE 3 EC Certificate Number 0075/797/162/09/13/1048 ext 01/09/13 EC Attestation EC Attestation EC Attestation Number 0075/797/162/09/13/1048 ext 01/09/13 Certifications EN 0075/797/162/ Certifications User Manual UI 112 Additional Information Storage Information Minimum packaging : box of 100 gloves Cartons of 1000 gloves (10 boxes of 100 gloves). Care Instructions In order to keep its properties, this article should not be cleaned. Maintenance © Honeywell International Inc. Chem Soft - CS046W Page 2 Of 2 © Honeywell International Inc.


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