Correct removal of chemical protective clothing Type5 6 Doffing with gloves

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1. Ansell, ® and ™ are trademarks owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. For more information visit 1 3 5 7 8 2 4 6 • Chemical protective suits will only help to protect you if they are: - Properly selected - Correctly fitted - Used for the correct environment - NOT torn, cut, punctured or otherwise damaged • Be considerate to colleagues working in the vicinity • Non-active people in the hazardous zone should wear a protective garment in the case of an emergency • Do not remove your chemical protective clothing and/or ancillary PPE whilst working in a hazardous area • YOU are responsible for your own safety and well-being! Best Practice - Working in your chemical protective suit Prior to doffing the suit • Always remove as much contamination as possible before entering the washing or changing areas • If required, use a decontamination shower • Move to a designated decontamination area away from workplace hazards • Where possible, stand over a decontamination bag for disposal of the suit • Ideally have somewhere to lean against for extra stability Removal of the hood • Using both hands pinch the hood at each temple • Pull upwards and backwards to stretch the hood away from the head • Roll the hood outwards to minimise further contact with contaminated suit surfaces Removal of gloves • Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for removal • Pinch the ouside of the glove on one hand and pull down over the fingers, dispose • Using the clean hand push inside the other glove and pull down and over, avoiding contact with the outside of the glove, dispose Disposal of PPE • Dispose of all PPE in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions • Ensure no contaminated equipment is left in the work area Unsealing the suit • If the suit has a sealed or taped storm flap then take care to slowly pull away and unstick • Avoid any risk of further contamination • Find the outer zip puller under the chin • Carefully unzip to the waist Removal of the suit • Roll the suit over the shoulders • Take care not to touch the inside of the suit • Pull the sleeve down and over the glove • Repeat the procedure for the other arm Removal of footwear • Hold the base of the suit and footwear • Remove feet and move to an uncontaminated area Removal of the suit • Roll the suit outwards away from the waist to avoid the risk of contamination • Sit down if possible to finish removing the suit • Roll the legs of the coverall down both legs CORRECT REMOVAL OF CHEMICAL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING Type 5 & 6 AlphaTec ® chemical protective suits and gloves Using the Buddy System Individuals who are paired up to assume responsibility for one another’s safety and to ensure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn correctly


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