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3. User Manual Product user instruction Storage Information On the user instruction Care Instructions On the user instruction Maintenance © Honeywell International Inc. Dermatril L 741 Page 3 Of 3 © Honeywell International Inc.

2. Feature AQL < 0.65 free from natural latex resistant against a multitude of cytostatic drugs virus-resistant according to ASTM 1671:2007 glove surface free from silicone (lacquer indifference, test method automotive industry) suitable for food handling according to EU 1935/2004 good discharge capacity dispenser box available for hygienic removal of individual gloves This glove meets the requirements of EN 455. This glove is a medical product according to guideline 93/42/EWG. Benefit disposable protective glove excellent sense of touch extremely comfortable increased tear resistance roughened fingertips for improved grip good chemical resistance snug fit Features & Benefits Description Single-use powder-free nitrile glove. Rolled edge. Roughened fingertips. Long cuff. Product Technology Dipped Glove/liner color Blue Length 270-280 Thickness 0,11 Harmlessness In conformity with European standards Sizes 7,8,9,10,11 Technical Description E.C. Declaration of Conformity EC Category PPE 3 EC Certificate Number 981069 EC Attestation EC Attestation EC Attestation Number 981069 Certifications VIICNIT740 B26_pdf /1033.aspx 741 Konf GB a381-d4018da4f23e.jpg Literature & Documents Additional Information Dermatril L 741 Page 2 Of 3 © Honeywell International Inc.

1. United Kingdom Chemical Industries Food Industries Industrial Cleaning Laboratory Medical and Pharmaceutical laboratory and operations chemical industry food industry electronic industry computer industry cleaning and maintenance protection of products Reference Number 741 Product Type Gloves Range Chemical Protection Line Disposable Brand KCL by Honeywell Brand formerly known as KCL Industry Product Use Overview Dermatril L 741 PRODUCT NUMBER: 741 With 741 Dermatril® L KCL succeeded in developing a disposable, chemical resistant protective glove in accordance with EN374. Besides the high protection against chemical and bacteriological contamination, the Dermatril® also displays very good mechanical durability in comparison to conventional disposable gloves. 741 Dermatril® L with a length of 28 cm is a longer version of 740 Dermatril®. In addition to this, the glove is also approved for food handling and processing according to EU 1935/2004. All Dermatril® disposable gloves are individually marked on the inside, so protection is never compromised. Page 1 Of 3 © Honeywell International Inc.


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