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DS Safety 70 year anniversary

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2. 2 | Welcome 70 YEARS OF HIGH QUALITY AND SAFETY When H. Dræbergs Specialfabrik star - ted production of leather gloves on 26 August 1947, the aim was simple: The workers at the country’s factories and foundries needed to have safe and comfortable equipment of high quality for their hard and strenuous work. In the 70 years that have passed, this small sewing room has evolved into Denmark’s leading company in safety equipment – D-S Safety Equipment. On the next few pages you can read more about how we can help you, your employees and your business. Enjoy! Welcome to D-S Safety Equipment

3. Welcome | 3 In the 70 years that have pas - sed, this small sewing room has evolved into Denmark’s leading com - pany in safety equipment ” QUALITY AND COMFORT FROM TOP TO TOE - INSIDE AND OUTSIDE This catalogue is produced with the support from our collaborators and suppliers. Theis Dræberg.

4. 4 | Our experience is your safety At D-S Safety Equipment we draw on long and proud traditions. Our founder, H. Dræberg, star - ted as a manufacturer of work gloves. We still ma - nufacture, but today we are also distributors of the best safety products for both large and niche industries. The range is constantly increasing and more sophisticated, but the aim of the second and third generations of the Dræberg family is the same as that of the founder; to ensure that you as a customer get the ultimate in safety equipment for your company. At D-S Safety Equipment, we think nerd is a positi - ve word. Naturally – because we see ourselves as the nerds to beat all nerds. Whether your emplo - yees wear safety shoes, welding jackets or white coats, we offer solutions for all safety require - ments. We live to find the strongest and most advanced new products on the market – and we love it when the combination of our knowledge and the right equipment raises safety to a whole new level in your business. We are the nerds in our industry Our experience is your safety 70 YEARS OF HIGH QUALITY AND SAFETY

6. 6 | Varmex ® - a unique product Although we are proud to have Denmark’s best selection of quality products for safety in the work - place, our hearts beat a little faster for one name in the range: VARMEX®. This is our very own invention. VARMEX® is a fire-retardant technical textile that can withstand up to 2000 degrees Celsius and so protects against molten metal, fire, embers, sparks and radiant heat. It is simply the ideal protection for people, machines, products and expensive equipment. VARMEX ® - a unique product VARMEX ® protects against molten metal, fire, embers, sparks and radiant heat. ” 70 YEARS OF HIGH QUALITY AND SAFETY

10. 10 | We will help you on the right path Of course we are always ready to advise you when you need to find the right equipment for your employ- ees. But if you want to learn more for yourself, we have the right tools. On our website youcwill find the D-S Academy and the D-S Dataguide. You can register free of charge and read allcabout the safety equip - ment you should choose for a given situation, exactly what the equipment can be used for and what it can withstand – and also learn more about the chemicals you want to protect yourself against. We help you on the right path Visit our website 70 YEARS OF HIGH QUALITY AND SAFETY

7. Sikkerhed er mange ting | 7 CR Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab Plum A/S ”CR Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab has always looked after our accounts. We have a permanent auditor from the company assigned to us. They are good and trustworthy, both for the major economic decisions and in keeping track of the numbers on a daily basis.” “Plum A/S is a large and capable manufacturer within hand hygiene. They have a large range of products and their flexibility and quality means that we are happy to have been partners with them for many years.” Advertisement Advertisement As our name suggests, we specialise in safety equip - ment. We have shown you some of our areas here in the brochure. However, safety is many things, and we are able to supply everything from disposable gloves, respiratory protection and safety shoes to sterile and clean rooms, barriers and warning signs. Whether your business uses blue overalls or white coats, we have equipment to match your needs. Safety is many things QUALITY AND COMFORT FROM TOP TO TOE - INSIDE AND OUTSIDE

5. We are the nerds in our industry | 5 Handling of chemicals. Analytical testing. DNA research. Cleaning of laboratory glassware. Laboratory workers have a difficult job, with lots of special equipment and a wide range of chemicals. This requires robust and reliable hand protection, providing safety without compromi - sing the integrity of the laboratory process and exposing the test results to cross-contamination. Ansell Healthcare knows this. That is why the company focuses on developing gloves that meet all requirements for comfort, performance and protection for all types of tasks. The latest additi - on is Microflex 93-850. This is a disposable glove that offers unprecedented protection against chemical splashes and can simply be thrown away after use. Like other gloves from Ansell, the 93-850 model has been created with ultimate safety in mind. This minimises potential health and safety hazards – biological, chemical and physical. Customers looking for the ultimate in hand protec - tion have also realised this. Theis Dræberg, CEO of D-S Sikkerhedsudstyr A/S, has nothing but praise for Ansell. “Ansell Healthcare leads the world in chemical gloves and disposable gloves. We have worked together for almost 30 years, ever since we were the first in Denmark to become aware of their qualities. We are always looking for manufacturers who can do something special, and that is what we have found at Ansell Healthcare. They simply live and breathe for their products.” Ansell Healthcare leads the world in safety gloves Advertisement QUALITY AND COMFORT FROM TOP TO TOE - INSIDE AND OUTSIDE

12. Whether your employees use microscopes or heavy machinery, you are sure to have some safety needs you require to be clarified. At D-S Safety Equipment, we are experts in everything from first aid kits to major analyses of your needs – and we know all industries from the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors to mechanical engineering and metalworking. Find us on our website and on social media, or give us a call. Then we will find out how to address your particular safety issues. We will find the solution A brochure made by AD BRANDING · D-S Safety Equipment A/S Menstrupvaenge 10, 4700 Naestved, Denmark Phone: +45 55446644

11. E-commerce and personal service | 11 Sometimes you just have to get a deal over and done with. Perhaps you know our products and want to increase your stock. Or perhaps it suits your diary to do things via compu - ter and phone. At D-S Safety Equipment, we naturally give you the option of secure e-commerce through our website. If you are unsure about something, you can always get advice on our many topics on the website – or by calling us. E-commerce and personal service Honeywell “We cannot overlook Honeywell when talking about safety equipment. They have a huge range, and always manage to stay ahead in the industry, in terms of both quality and innovation.” Advertisement ESP is a leader in environ - mental protection. EvolutionSorbent Products is one of the world’s lea - ding manufacturers of products for environmental and personal protection. Over the years, the com - pany has been very active in the development of absorbents that quickly and safely prevent the dis - asters that chemical spills can cause. Many of the company’s products have become industry stan - dards. ESP, as the company calls itself, has its head offices in the United States, but has factories in other countries, such as the UK. This means that the com - pany not only has a great capacity for innovation, but can also deliver to large parts of Europe in no time at all. The many positive aspects of ESP have fallen on fertile ground at D-S Sikkerhedsudstyr A/S: “Evolution Sorbent Products has been a good and reliable partner for many years. They provide health and safety and environmental protection products. These are areas that are attracting an increasing focus, so we are delighted to have such a strong partner in this field.” Advertisement QUALITY AND COMFORT FROM TOP TO TOE - INSIDE AND OUTSIDE

9. Service and inspection | 9 When safety equipment is purchased and put into use, it is exposed to wear and stress. Fall protection gear and fixed installations have to be inspected once a year – and after every fall. At D-S Safety Equipment, we offer that our specially trained and certified specialists carry out service and maintenance on all brands, and of course, we take into account the individual manufacturers’ re - commendations. Inspections and repairs can be carried out on your premises or ours. We provide transportati - on and promise that you will have your equipment back within five days. Service and inspection Brady A/S “Brady A/S are good at many things, but they are particularly good at lockout-tagout. These are tools that prevent dangerous machines from being started by accident, while they are being serviced, for examp - le, and it is obviously a significant benefit for us to be able to offer them.” Advertisement BLS SRL “If we call ourselves nerds in safety equipment, BLS can call themselves nerds in respirators and filter masks. Their focus is to excel in their field. This year alone, they were the only ones on the market to introduce a nanoparticle mask.” Advertisement QUALITY AND COMFORT FROM TOP TO TOE - INSIDE AND OUTSIDE

8. 8 | Fall protection gear and fixed installations 3M “3M is almost indispensable in many areas. We natural - ly focus on their safety equipment, and we are one of the largest dealers in Denmark, and we provide spare parts and do repairs ourselves. 3M is characterised by strength, good advice and a willingness to be innovative.” Advertisement Falls are one of the most frequent and serious types of accident in the workplace. That is why we especially focus on fall protection gear and fixed installations. We offer solutions for, among other things, building sites, manufacturing and rescue, and of course we offer free advice on safety and visits to your business so we can find out how best to protect your employees. Fall protection gear and fixed installations We offer solutions for, among other things, building sites, manufactur- ing and rescue ” 70 YEARS OF HIGH QUALITY AND SAFETY


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