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1. TM F iltat ec h TM FILTATECH Sediment pollution has far reaching implications and has become a primary concern to Environmentalist and Utility Companies. The Lubetech Filtatech Sediment Sock has been developed to facilitate excavation de-watering operations, removing and containing suspended particles and minor oil slicks. The product has been designed to be used with site pumps with operating pressures of up 5 bar and flow rates of up to 2000 litres per minute. Promoting a Cleaner Environment

2. F iltat ec h TM TM Filtatech Sediment Sock Code Dimensions Sediment Capacity Max Flow Rate Flow Rate Pack Qty 47-7012 20cm dia x 1.2m 30 Litre/45kg 2000l/m 5 bar 1 47-7009 20cm dia x 0.9m 22 Litre/32kg 1500l/m 5 bar 1 Minimises sediment deposits from pump discharge water. Simple to connect to pump equipment. Designed for heavy duty site pumps. Twin wall filter construction for maximum sediment removal. Also available with additional hydrocarbon removal capacities – code 47-1013 Filtatech Sediment Sock TECH FEATURES 02380 274 123 Telephone:


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