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1. OVERSHOES FOR CRYOGENIC PROTECTION GHETTE - CRYO Features GHETTE CRYO are made by a special laminated composite and coated fabric completely waterproof to liquids. Adaptable to each individual through pratical adjusting and VELCRO fasteners. One size fits all. Application Suitable for all work in the presence of liquid nitrogen to prevent burns in the event of leakage of the liquid gas, especially in transfer operations: - Biology - Biobanks - Food industry - Molecular cuisine - Gelateria - Chemical industry - Scientific research - Environmental Technologies - Medical Technologies - Computing - etc. 3221 321 Kora Srl – Cryokit Cryogenic Protection - Via Mauro Macchi, 8 – 20124 Milano Italy Tel. +39 02 48841819 – Fax +39 02 48842698 – info@cr – Ref. GHETTE-CRYO GHETTE - CRYO overshoes are completely waterproof to protect the feet in operations that involve the use of liquid ni trogen (or other cryogenic gases). Made with specially designed composite materials for thi s application. Tested, with success, by contact with liquid nitroge n (-195.82 ° C) for one minute and the next test of flexibility (RCT metho d). CE certificate in 3rd cat. Warning! Persons handling cryogenic gases must be familiar with the risks that they involve , and should be adequately trained to handle security operations. Must also be established emergency procedures and adequate training of all f unctioning equipment. The cryogenic gas should never be handled without proper protective eq uipment. Caution! Not intended for immersion in liquid nitrogen or o ther cryogenic liquid.


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