Guide: sådan vælger du den rette engangshandske

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1. 1 CHOOSING THE RIGHT GLOVE 1 What are the hazards? Conduct a hazard assessment and take stock of all of the possible hazards in your environment. When you do be sure to read the labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of liquids, such as disinfectants or solvents that workers may handle or come into contact with. 2 What types of gloves are needed? Consider the type of protection required. • Chemical gloves? Or gloves that protect against chemical splash? • Thick, durable gloves? • Sterile or clean gloves? • Mechanical or cut protection gloves? • Gloves that provide protection against heat or cold? Select the type of glove needed based on the specfic hazards present, as well as potential exposure time to those hazards. 3 What additional glove features might help? Think about glove fit and features, as these impact worker safety, comfort and productivity. For example, gloves that are thicker and more durable can prevent rips and tears; gloves that feature textured fingertips can improve grip; and gloves with low Acceptable Quality Levels can reduce the risk of harmful exposures. The new Microflex 93-850 disposable glove with TNT Chemical Splash Resistance Technology offers 2X more chemical splash resistance* than leading brands of disposable gloves, and exceeds the highest known standard for barrier quality and consistency. † Visit to learn more and request your free sample today. DISPOSABLE GLOVE WEAR TIPS ü DO • Choose the best fitting glove • Check for defects during use • Change gloves regularly • Change gloves when exposed to harmful substances • Change gloves when they show signs of damage • Check chemical permeation times • Treat and cover cuts, abrasions and wounds û DON’T • Wear gloves that are too small or too large • Wear damaged gloves • Forget to change gloves after exposure to harmful substances • Share gloves • Ignore signs of skin irritation GLOVE SELECTION & WEAR TIPS with Microflex ® 93-850 Disposable Gloves • 2X more chemical splash protection * • Highest barrier quality & consistency † (low 0.40 AQL) * Based on EN 374 and ASTM F739 chemical permeation test data, when compared to performance of disposable nitrile gloves of a similar weight. Visit to view chemical permeation test data. † Microflex 93-850 0.40 AQL is lower than the AQL of other known industrial and medical grade disposable gloves Ansell, ® and ™ are trademarks owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. US Patented and US and non-US Patents Pending: © 2017 Ansell Limited. All Rights Reserved.


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