Jupiter Turbo Outs

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1. 12 11 14 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 27 28 27 13 13 13 15 1 3 3M ™ Powered & Supplied Air Respirators Before Use • Ensure Battery is fully charged • Ensure Turbo is undamaged • Ensure Turbo is correctly secured to its belt • Ensure Filters are correctly fitted • Perform airflow check – insert Airflow Indicator Tube (white ball) into the turbo outlet, switch on, ensure ball rises above the line. If the ball does not rise above the line replace the filters Monthly • Carry out all the ‘Before Use’ inspections and create record of this monthly check for the turbo • Calibrate turbo as per guidance box to right After Use • Clean casing with cloth dampened with a mild solution of water and liquid household soap • Disinfect with 3M ™ 105 Wipes • Change Battery • Store in a dry, clean area / locker away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and solvents Every Filter Change • Ensure Filter Gaskets are undamaged and correctly fitted • Always replace Filters as a pair and ensure you feel them click into place Additional Checks for IS Kit • Ensure 3M ™ Jupiter ™ IS Pouch is undamaged – inspect for holes and split seams • Ensure 3M Jupiter IS Pouch is correctly folded and sealed Ordering Consumables, Repair Parts and Accessories To request a quote or place an order for these items, please contact your 3M Approved Distributor. Further Information and Advice If you require additional guidance on the Care and Maintenance of your 3M Powered and Supplied Air Equipment, please contact the Helpline or your local 3M representative. 3M Health and Safety Helpline 0870 60 800 60 (UK) 1 800 320 500 (Ireland) Care and Maintenance Please recycle. Printed in the United Kingdom. © 3M 2009. All rights reserved. Replace all da M aged pa R t S i MM ediately to en S u R e co RR ect level S of p R otection The powered air turbo for protection against gas and vapour and/or particulates. The 3M Jupiter connects to a wide range of hoods, visors, helmets and welding shields to suit most industrial applications. 3M ™ Jupiter ™ Powered Air Turbo Unit To maintain protection levels, optimise the effective lifetime of the system and avoid the additional cost of replacement, it is extremely important to carry out regular checks and maintenance on Powered and Supplied Air Respirators. 3M Part Number 1 Jupiter Turbo Unit (includes BLT-12 belt, calibration tube and airflow indicator tube) 085-00-10P Jupiter Powered Air Turbo Kit contains a standard Jupiter Powered Turbo Unit, a pair of Organic Vapour and Particulate (A2P) filters, Pre- filters, Lightweight Breathing Tube, 8hr Rechargeable Battery (NiMH) and a Battery Charger RTUJUPITERUK 3 4 hour battery 007-00-63P 4 8 hour battery 007-00-64P 2 Jupiter Intrinsically Safe (IS) Battery and Pouch Kit 085-12-00P Jupiter IS Pouch 085-11-00P Standard charger 003-00-56P 5 Intelligent charger – single station (for use with, 007-00-62P, 007-00- 63P and 007-00-64P) 003-00-58PUK 6 Charger adaptor lead (for use with standard charger and batteries – 007-00-63P and 007-00-64P 003-01-24P5 Jupiter I0 Station Intelligent Charger 003-00-59P 11 Control module 085-06-10P 12 Blower module (plus spare filter gaskets) 085-01-00P 13 Calibration tube and airflow indicator tube 021-14-12P 14 Comfort belt 022-25-03P4 15 Decontamination comfort belt (incl. 1 x BLT-14 and BLT-16) BLT-12 Belt clip for Jupiter BLT-14 Belt clip for Jupiter I.S. BLT-15 Braces (if used with comfort belt) 022-25-10P4 7 Particulates P filters 450-00-25P2x12 8 A2P filters 453-00-25P2x6 9 A2BEK1P filters 453-09-25P2x6 8 K1P filters 453-16-25P2x6 8 ABE1P filters 456-18-25P2x6 10 Pre-filter pads 461-00-02P24x5 Calibration • Ensure the battery is fully charged Remove Filters and insert Calibration Tube (black ball) into the turbo outlet • Hold turbo with the line on the tube at eye level • Press and hold the switch After approximately 3 seconds the turbo will beep and enter calibration mode • The ball will drop to the bottom of the tube As the fan speed increases, the ball will begin to rise • Release the switch when the bottom of the ball is on the line

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