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4. USA Kee Safety, Inc. 100 Stradtman Street Buffalo, NY 14206 Tel: (716) 896 4949 Fax: (716) 896 5696 Toll Free: (800) 851 5181 Email: Canada Kee Safety, Ltd. 40 North Rivermede Road, Units 6 - 7 Concord, Ontario L4K 2H3 Tel: (905) 669 1494 Fax: (905) 669 4347 Toll Free: (877) 505 5003 Kee Klamp, Kee Lite, Kee Stainless, KeeGuard, Kee Dome, Kee Hatch, Kee Mark, Kee Access, Kwik Kit, Kee Anchor, Weightanka, Wireanka, KeeLine, Kee Walk and Kee Projects are all registered trademarks of Kee Safety Ltd, Beam Clamp, and Box Bolt are all registered trademarks of Access Technologies Ltd, a subsidiary of Kee Safety International Ltd. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this brochure, Kee Safety, Inc cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Kee Safety, Inc reserves the right to alter or withdraw products without prior notice. Kee Safety, Inc does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from improper use of its products. Copyright 2018 Kee Safety, Inc. All Rights Reserved. • A restraint system engineered to prevent a fall from occurring • Uses personal fall arrest equipment (harness, lanyard, and anchor point) • The user cannot reach the edge of the roof • Ability to work freely within the safe zone of the roof surface • Work Restraint is the preferred system to mitigate the possibility of a fall • Fall protection guardrails are the most common example of a collective system • This solution protects everyone “collectively” • OSHA: “passive” - as no training or user competency is required • Ensures everyone on the roof is protected • The safest way to protect people from falling is to remove the hazard completely • Fall Arrest’s purpose is to save a worker’s life in the event of a fall • This System is designed so a fall is possible - but the fall is “arrested” or interrupted • The fall occurs within an acceptable force and calculated fall distance • Additional training and a high level of user competency is required The Hierarchy of Fall Protection: Fall protection is a system designed to protect personnel from the risk of falls when working at elevated heights 4 KeeGuard Safety Railing System


2. Counterbalance The Physics of Cantilever Design. Modular and durable, our component-based solution uses counter-weight engineering. The simple cantilever principle provides unrivalled strength and safety. The heavy-duty KeeGuard bases are manufactured using molded, 100% recycled PVC. Each 30 pound base is positioned at specific intervals to create a stable, protective barrier on the rooftop. Versatility All Types. All Shapes. Even the Corners. KeeGuard component railings use the original Kee Klamp modular system for multiple configurations and versatility on uniquely shaped installations. Only KeeGuard offers optimal stability for all standard rooftop systems including Membrane, Metal Profile, and Standing Seam up to 45°. KeeGuard is engineered to eliminate risk on any flat or low-slope roof including: • Composite Rooftop Systems • Roofs with Changes in Level • Complex Roof Shapes • Safe access to equipment located at roof edge • Green Roofs Longevity Permanent Peace of Mind. The KeeGuard guardrail system provides permanent, free-standing and durable edge protection without penetration of the roofing membrane or the building structure. The hot-dipped galvanized finish is corrosion resistant and low maintenance for safe and dependable rooftop edge protection. Aesthetics Powder Coated Colors. KeeGuard’s galvanized steel finish is corrosion-resistant and is available in a full range of powder coat RAL colors. Our 11 °Angled Railing tilts back out of sight so the roof line offers a clean view from the ground. KeeGuard ® Engineered for Safety 2 KeeGuard Safety Railing System

3. KeeGuard ® Features • Modular component system for multiple configurations • Adaptable to varying angles and radius edges • Accommodates ladders, equipment and rooftop obstructions • Simple counterbalance construction made from 100% recycled PVC • Durable galvanized finish is corrosion resistant KeeGuard ® Benefits • Non-penetrating solution - roof membrane will not leak • Passive barrier that protects all personnel; no training required • Integrates easily with your current fall protection products • Lower installation cost than fabricated pipe • No rooftop parapet required Installing KeeGuard ® • KeeGuard Roof Edge Fall Protection System includes pipe railings, uprights, bases, counterweights and fittings • No specialized labor or work permits, no welding • Tools required: torque wrench or hex key OSHA Compliance • OSHA Code 1910.28(b)(13) Unprotected Edges: Work on Low Slope Roofs • KeeGuard meets OSHA compliance for guardrail systems: Capable of withstanding, without failure, a force of at least 200 pounds (890 N) applied in a downward or outward direction within 2 inches (5 cm) of the top edge, at any point along the top rail • OSHA regulations cite that on any building where work is performed within 15′ of an open roof edge, each worker must be protected from the hazard of falling • KeeGuard provides a safety barrier that requires no formal training or experience [it is passive] and “collectively” protects people when working at height Compliance Protect your workforce, secure your roof with KeeGuard STANDING SEAM | METAL PROFILE | MEMBRANE | COMPOSITE | GREEN ROOF KeeGuard ® FoldShield Folding Safety Rail System Maintain building aesthetics with cantilevered and foldable guardrail. KeeGuard ® Contractor Upright, Weighted Guardrail Modular safety rail provides a secure barrier around tight areas. Free-standing and portable for temporary installations. KeeGuard ® TopFix Metal Roof Perimeter Protection A smart solution for standing seam and metal profile roof systems. Hierarchy of Fall Protection 1. Eliminate the Hazards 2. Collective Fall Protection [OSHA: Passive] 3. Work Restraint [OSHA: Active] 4. Personal Fall Arrest System 3


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